During Medical Treatment This 17-Year-Old Starts Viral Twitter Campaign

Why perform random acts of kindness? Because #BeccaToldMeTo, that's why. This is her moving story.

What Happens To Used Hotel Soap? This Company Uses...

We've all spent a weekend away and indulged in the gifted toiletries from a hotel. But what happens to the soap bars and shampoo bottles that are left half full?

Husband Decides To Take Wife Off Life Support, Then...

Each day, Lyndee's husband would whisper in her ear, imploring her to fight for her life—she took those words to heart.

The 22-Year-Old Hacker Who Stopped A Global Cyberattack Was...

He single-handedly stopped the bug from spreading, and the only reward he'll accept is pizza.

Surprising Times Animals Saved Humans’ Lives

Animals can be heroes, too, and when they are, it's absolutely adorable.

This Woman’s Weight Loss Journey Changed Her Life

Summer Stultz is half the woman she used to be — well, just physically. Mentally, she's twice as strong.

Widow Becomes Best Friends With An Adorable Puppy

Your heart will melt when you see the this pair's relationship.

Dog Leads Her Rescuers To The Puppies She Was...

This dog was hiding her litter, but her rescuers were determined to find the puppies.

This Man Is Raising Money For His Mother To...

After a 20-year break, this young man is making sure there's nothing holding back his mum from returning to school.

How Daniel Radcliffe And 3 Other Celebrities Helped Save...

The actor who portrayed Harry Potter turns out to be quite the hero in real life, too.

Sexist And Objectified Ads Could Soon Be Banned In...

Here's some info about the new far-reaching guidelines.

This California Town Elected A Mayor With Four Paws

A small town jokingly elected a dog as its mayor. Here's what happened next.

5 Times Lottery Winners Broke The Infamous “Curse”

A famous rapper once said, "mo' money, mo' problems." That's not necessarily the case for these lottery winners.

This Dog Discovered Something Incredible And Made Himself A...

Read the incredible story of "Big Ears" the mutt and how he became a neighborhood star.

Truck Driver Loses Kitten While On The Road, But...

"I couldn't imagine anything worse happening," said the rescuer. "It was just a horrid thought."

Woman Delivers Sextuplets After Trying To Get Pregnant For...

For 17 years, they encountered crushing setbacks. Then, they saw the ultrasound.

Teen Takes His Terminally Ill Grandmother To The Prom...

Here's how she reacted; get the tissues ready.

4 Secret Ways That Animals Save Humans

Here are four big reasons to be kind to animals. After all, we need them!

5 Household Items Your Local Animal Shelter Needs

Animal shelters provide an essential service for neglected animals. Here's how you can help them out without spending any money.

Parents Baffled Their Baby Is Born With Silver Hair,...

The infant's gorgeous white hair is probably temporary...but for the time being, it's adorable.

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