Thanks to Covid-19, the United States has seen a dramatic decrease in overall traffic and number of drivers on the road. One might think this would lead to safer and less stressful commutes, but sadly, it’s created the opposite of that. People might drive less, but oh buddy, they’re driving more reckless than ever.

What Is Going On

If you’ve noticed more of a Wild West vibe when getting behind the wheel, you’re not alone. Drivers and the Governors Highway Safety Association (GHSA) have noticed and reported that people have kind of lost it when it comes to their driving habits.

Across the whole country drivers are speeding, accidents and even car fatalities are on the rise since quarantine started in March. Colorado, Indiana, Nebraska, and Utah have seen an increase in highway speeds, and Los Angeles drivers are tearing it up too quickly through city streets.

“Once the lockdown started, I was lucky enough to work from home and do a big grocery run, so I didn’t need to use my car for a bit,” says an anonymous source from the U.S.

“But the first few times I had to use my car again, it was really confusing and surprising. At night I saw more people driving without their headlights on than I ever have before. Many people were ignoring basic, agreed upon social constructs of driving.”

Why Is This Happening

No one knows the reason why our collective driving skills have plummeted during the quarantine. Driving might be the outlet for peoples’ anxiety, to break through the feeling of being cooped up for so long. Their need for speed becomes overwhelming. They need to feel something, anything, and the gas pedal becomes the conduit. They’re free from the confines of their home, out on the open road, zooming right along to get that gallon of milk.

Or maybe people are just bored and brain dead and not paying attention.