How To Spot Multi-Level Marketing Scams, And How To...

If you're on social media you've probably seen people making posts trying to sell products or asking you to join their "new business" ventures. Chances are you might be witnessing a multi-level marketing scam in action. Here's how to spot these scams and also how to avoid them.

Salvation Mountain And The Last Free City

Salvation Mountain is a man-made mountain built to spread the idea of love for one another, and visiting it is a real interesting experience.

Why Other Countries Don’t Have Spelling Bees

Did you ever participate in a spelling competition? Have you ever wondered if other countries have spelling bees? While Americans embrace these spelling challenges, it doesn't really work in other countries.

Why Americans Refrigerate Eggs And Other Countries Don’t

Have you ever wondered why we refrigerate our eggs, but other countries don't?

Sometimes Plants Do Math Wrong And Become Beautiful Mutants

Have you ever stumbled across a plant or flower that looked a little...off? There's a bizarre phenomenon that causes plants to grow wrong, and it all comes down to math (yes, really).

Cannibal Sandwiches And Other Raw Meat Treats

Yes, cannibal sandwiches are a real thing. No, you probably shouldn't eat one.

Strange Monoliths Keep Appearing And Disappearing Around The World:...

Here's a comprehensive timeline of all monolith sightings (and disappearances) from around the world.

Stretches To Relieve Shoulder And Neck Pain From Working...

Working from home can be a pain in the neck...literally. These stretches help to alleviate the pain of poor telework egonomics.

An Interview With The 2020 Rockefeller Christmas Tree

We got an exclusive interview with the 2020 Rockefeller Christmas tree. Find out what happened and how they're feeling about this whole ordeal.

6 Best Movies To Watch On Thanksgiving

Don't know what to watch on Thanksgiving? Here are the top 6 movies you can binge while simultaneously eating too much mashed potatoes.

This Red Lobster DEW Garita Press Release Is Everything...

As the COVID pandemic carried on into its seventh deadly month, somewhere in a remote office, an okay-paid copywriter wrote this sentence: “Red Lobster® and PepsiCo, Inc (NASDAQ: PEP) are teaming up to create exciting new ways to enjoy great seafood along with the great taste and variety of PepsiCo products.” 

7 Amazing Facts About Ants

Ants can farm, birth thousands of eggs per day, and even cause you to lose your hair. Here's what you need to know about these fascinating bugs.

An Interview With The Tiny Owl Rescued From The...

Breaking news: Here's an interview with the owl found in the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree. You won't believe what he's been through.

The Refrigerator Flavor And Why Your Butter Tastes Gross

Can you taste when butter has sat in the refrigerator too long? Does the idea of "refrigerator flavor" totally gross you out? Luckily there's a way to spare your butter sticks and kick this nasty aroma to the curb.

The Potato Head Of Palencia And Other Art Restoration...

You wouldn't expect some of the world's oldest art and sculptures to be dropped in the hands of novices when it comes time for some upkeep—but that's exactly what happened here. This is one of the latest art restoration fails, leaving us questioning the very process that gave us "Potato Head."

You’re Saying Pho Wrong, And Other Foods You’re Mispronouncing

Even the most experienced foodies can struggle menu item pronunciations every once in a while. You might not realize it, but you're probably mispronouncing these foods.

Halloween Started As, Like, 5 Different Holidays. Here’s The...

Halloween as we know it today usually consists of fun costumes, carving pumpkins, and happily acquiring as much candy as possible from your neighbors. However this holiday has some interesting ancient origins that honestly aren't far off from how we celebrate today.

4 Quarantine Trail Etiquette Tips

Don't be a rude jerk while walking, hiking, or biking on local trails. These quarantine trail tips will help keep you safe, while also allowing for maximum fun.

This App Tells You Which McDonald’s Ice Cream Machines...

Knowledge is power, and knowing which McDonald's ice cream machines are in working order is quite a power to wield. Thanks to this app, you'll never be caught off guard in the drive-thru again.

These Art House Owners Live With No Regrets: The...

Whimzeyland is exactly what it sounds like—this stunning neighborhood art house is definitely worth a visit.

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