Caring For Houseplants: Tips, Tricks And Products You Need

Follow these helpful tips to provide the best care for your houseplants.

Five Houseplants You Can’t Kill

Have you tried having indoor plants before, but can't seem to keep anything alive? Has the quarantine reinvigorated your desire to nurture and grow things? Here are five indoor plants that you essentially cannot kill.

Reckless Drivers On The Rise Since The Pandemic Started

The Covid-19 pandemic has disrupted every aspect of our lives, including how people drive. Yes, people are being more reckless on the road, and no, you’re not wrong for noticing.

Back Stretches To Relieve Working From Home Pains

Working from home is fun (sort of), but it's not great for your back. Here are a few quick stretches to keep you limber and pain-free.

This Is Why You Can’t Read In Your Dreams

Have you ever struggled to write a note or read a sign while dreaming? There's actually a scientific reason why these tasks are impossible.

Stretches To Relieve Shoulder And Neck Pain From Working...

Working from home can be a pain in the neck...literally. These stretches help to alleviate the pain of poor telework egonomics.

You’ve Been Using The Wrong Plunger To Unclog Your...

Think you're prepared for any bathroom clog disasters—you might not be. You definitely want to have this type of plunger by your toilet, ready to go.

The Refrigerator Flavor And Why Your Butter Tastes Gross

Can you taste when butter has sat in the refrigerator too long? Does the idea of "refrigerator flavor" totally gross you out? Luckily there's a way to spare your butter sticks and kick this nasty aroma to the curb.

The Madonna Inn Looks Amazing From The Outside. Wait...

If you're looking for a truly unique hotel stay, check out the Madonna Inn in Southern California. This is one of the more interesting hotels, offering visitors a very extraordinary stay.

Here’s The Real Reason Your Belly Button Is An...

It actually has nothing to do with where your umbilical cord is severed. Here's the science.

This Is Why You Can’t Eat Just Any Leaf

Forage through the foliage with us and learn why one leaf is edible and the next, not so much. Get the answers you didn't even know you needed!

Don’t Throw Away Silica Gel Packets. Instead, Worship Silica.

Don't throw away silica packets. Those things are incredibly useful, particularly if you've got, like, 100,000 of them. We've got ideas.

34 Things You’re Doing Wrong With Your Android Smart...

Do you have an unnecessarily expensive phone case? Are you using a cheap charger? Find out how you can optimize your Android use.

The Worst “Meet The Parents” Stories

Meeting your partner's parents is always a little uncomfortable, but these stories go far beyond awkward introductions.

Hotel Experts Reveal Industry Secrets And Give Tips For...

Save money and learn the tricks of the trade as we pull back the curtain on the hospitality industry.

People Reveal The Most Inappropriate Times They Couldn’t Hold...

“I laughed when my cousin fell down our back door steps. It was beautiful. Graceful. Almost choreographed."

Awkward Stories Of Marriage-Proposal Rejection

These awkward wedding proposals stories will make you squirm. Take notes if you're about to pop the question!

People Share Their Biggest Relationship Pet Peeves

Reddit users share their top relationship pet peeves. How many are you guilty of doing?

Things That Flight Attendants Wish Passengers Would Stop Doing

Nothing brings us together like complaining about air travel. But it's the people who deal with those complaints day in and day out who know all our dirty secrets. Here, flight attendants confess to the craziest things passengers have done on flights (and wish they'd stop doing).

25 Everyday Things You’ve Been Doing Wrong

You do these things every single day. Chances are, though, there's a better way. You might be surprised at all the things you're doing wrong.

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