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How To Spot Multi-Level Marketing Scams, And How To Avoid Them

If you're on social media you've probably seen people making posts trying to sell products or asking you to join their "new business" ventures. Chances are you might be witnessing a multi-level marketing scam in action. Here's how to spot these scams and also how to avoid them.

Why Americans Refrigerate Eggs And Other Countries Don’t

Have you ever wondered why we refrigerate our eggs, but other countries don't?

The History Of Horsepower

What even is horsepower? Does it actually have anything to do with horses? Keep reading to find out the history behind this now common unit of measurement.

This Is Why You Can’t Read In Your Dreams

Have you ever struggled to write a note or read a sign while dreaming? There's actually a scientific reason why these tasks are impossible.

This Red Lobster DEW Garita Press Release Is Everything That’s Wrong With America

As the COVID pandemic carried on into its seventh deadly month, somewhere in a remote office, an okay-paid copywriter wrote this sentence: “Red Lobster® and PepsiCo, Inc (NASDAQ: PEP) are teaming up to create exciting new ways to enjoy great seafood along with the great taste and variety of PepsiCo products.” 

The Potato Head Of Palencia And Other Art Restoration Fails

You wouldn't expect some of the world's oldest art and sculptures to be dropped in the hands of novices when it comes time for some upkeep—but that's exactly what happened here. This is one of the latest art restoration fails, leaving us questioning the very process that gave us "Potato Head."

You’re Saying Pho Wrong, And Other Foods You’re Mispronouncing

Even the most experienced foodies can struggle menu item pronunciations every once in a while. You might not realize it, but you're probably mispronouncing these foods.

This App Tells You Which McDonald’s Ice Cream Machines Are Working

Knowledge is power, and knowing which McDonald's ice cream machines are in working order is quite a power to wield. Thanks to this app, you'll never be caught off guard in the drive-thru again.

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