It’s always nice to read a story about a celebrity helping someone in need. A few days ago, Daniel Radcliffe stepped in to help console a recently mugged stranger while he was out and about in London.

A Moment Of Trauma Leads To An Unforgettable Encounter

Daniel Radcliffe, who played everyone’s favorite wizard, Harry Potter, witnessed a mugging while walking on King’s Road on July 14, 2017. The victim, a tourist in his 50s, was attacked on a sidewalk by two people who escaped on a moped.

Witness David Videcette, a former police officer who now writes crime novels, noticed the unidentified assailants driving suspiciously.

“I had seen [the thieves on a moped] with no number plates on cruising down the street, both looking at people on the pavement,” Videcette told the Evening Standard, who broke the story. “I realised they were up to no good. I decided to call the police and told them they needed to come and have a look. No sooner than I was on the phone to them that I saw one of them reaching for something in his waistband.”

That something turned out to be a knife. Videcette saw the attackers single out the man and approach him to steal his Louis Vuitton bag. When the man refused to give up his belongings, one attacker cut his face with the knife. Videcette attempted to follow the muggers but was unable to stop them, and they got away with the bag.

Radcliffe witnessed the event and ran to console the man after the attackers had left. A spokesperson for Radcliffe said he was present, but made no further comments about the incident, stating it was a police matter.

Celebrities Saving Lives Offscreen

Radcliffe is one of many celebrities who have helped strangers in distress. A few years ago, Heidi Klum was in the news after helping save her son and two nannies from drowning in the ocean. Klum’s son Henry (who was 7 at the time) and two nannies were swept out into the ocean by a riptide.

Klum’s partner, Martin Kristen, rushed into the water to pull their son to safety. However, Klum was right behind him, helping to get Henry and one of the nannies safely back to the beach. Everyone made it back to the beach, but they were shaken by the experience.

Renee Zellweger is another celebrity with a harrowing rescue story. Zellweger and her personal trainer were hiking in California’s remote Runyan Canyon when they witnessed a woman collapse.

The woman, who was not far ahead of Zellweger and her trainer, fainted and fell down part of the canyon. The actor immediately ran to the woman’s aid while the trainer went to find help.

Even action stars can be real-life heroes. Vin Diesel experienced a real life Fast and Furious moment when he rescued a family from a burning car. The star was driving his motorcycle in Hollywood when the car in front of his lost control, crashed, and burst into flames.

Diesel immediately stopped and rushed over to the vehicle, pulling two children from the backseat of the wreckage. He then convinced the driver to climb through the back of the car to safety.

Radcliffe now joins these life-saving celebs with his quick thinking in London. Looks like show business isn’t the only talent these celebs have up their sleeve.