Reckless Drivers On The Rise Since The Pandemic Started

The Covid-19 pandemic has disrupted every aspect of our lives, including how people drive. Yes, people are being more reckless on the road, and no, you’re not wrong for noticing.

The History Of Horsepower

What even is horsepower? Does it actually have anything to do with horses? Keep reading to find out the history behind this now common unit of measurement.

Sometimes Plants Do Math Wrong And Become Beautiful Mutants

Have you ever stumbled across a plant or flower that looked a little...off? There's a bizarre phenomenon that causes plants to grow wrong, and it all comes down to math (yes, really).

Strange Monoliths Keep Appearing And Disappearing Around The World:...

Here's a comprehensive timeline of all monolith sightings (and disappearances) from around the world.

Why Cats Get The Zoomies

What makes cats freak out and start running all over the place? The internet calls this phenomenon "the zoomies," but veterinarians have a different name for it: FRAP. Here's the science.

This House Is A Plane, Converted Into A Boat…And...

“There are purists who say, this isn’t what a boat should look like, it’s not right. It’s idiotic, stupid. And...I agree with them. But why not be different?” Meet the man who lived in a plane converted into a boat.

Punching A Bear In The Nose: Good Defense Or...

You've heard of punching a shark in the nose during an attack, but does that idea transfer to bears?

Why The G String On Your Guitar Constantly Goes...

“On an acoustic, that G is a wound string and tends to hold tuning well. When a plain string is used for the same pitch, things can go south.” 

11 Things That Aren’t Illegal But Probably Should Be

Sometimes breaking the law can be a bit difficult.

Why Will No One Buy This 55-Bedroom Texas Mansion?

It's near Houston in a great location. It has a great price. There's just one problem.

The Secret Way To Win Monopoly (And Infuriate Your...

Some guy broke the game of Monopoly. Learn his secret, and make sure your friends do not.

This Man Found A Strange Woman Living In His...

It's every homeowner's worst nightmare, but this woman's excuse was unbelievable.

Bizarre Lawsuits It’s Hard To Believe Were Real

“If you aren't harmed by a slice of defective bologna, then your damages are going to be limited to your costs."

5 Misconceptions About Canine Behavior (According To Science)

Dog psychology is complex, but fortunately, scientists are out there with lab coats and squeaky toys. Here's a look at the science of canine behavior.

Tamagotchya: The Strange Stories Behind 5 Banned Middle School...

Ever wonder why your school banned slap bracelets, JNCOs, and POGs? Here's a look at your favorite fads (and their surprisingly dark histories).

Gone With A Trace: 5 People Who Tried To...

A businessman died suddenly...and his son found him at a party two years later. Here are the best true stories of people who tried to start a new life.

5 Weird Traditions That Supposedly Tell If You’re Having...

And at least one has some scientific basis. Here's what you need to know.

The Reasons Behind Many Of Your Dog’s Interesting Habits

Dogs are pretty interesting creatures, but they've got some weird habits. Here's what science says about a few of the strangest.

The Misreported Saga of “Mad” Mike Hughes

"Mad" Mike Hughes says he doesn't intend to prove the Earth is flat. Yet.

Fate Or Chance? Here’s What The Experts Think About...

Is it fate when you run into someone you were just thinking about or just plain facts? Time to flip a coin(cidence).

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