14 Things You Never Noticed About Things You See Every Day

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Most people have a favorite TV show, and anyone who does will tell you that you’ll always pick up on little things you missed the more you watch the show through. In fact, you might be surprised to learn how many details you’ve missed when it comes to a lot of things in life.

There’s a lot within our everyday lives that we miss. Whether it’s in a show you watch on TV, a game that you love to play, or even the box for a cereal you love to eat, even the keenest eye won’t catch the smallest details. You’re in luck, though, because we found them for you—here are some of the small things you probably missed in things you’ve seen over and over again.

“The Big Bang Theory” Might Seem Familiar

If you’re a kid who grew up in the ‘90s, you’ll probably remember the cartoon Dexter’s Laboratory, a show about a genius young boy with a hidden laboratory trying to survive life with his average family.

As an adult, you may also watch the show The Big Bang Theory, which might not seem to similar to Dexter’s Laboratory at first.

However, the show was actually based on the cartoon and, once you know that, it actually becomes apparent in a lot of ways—as an example, take the annoying girl who continuously busts into the boys’ apartment, just like Dee Dee did to Dexter’s room and lab.

How Mario Jumps

For anyone who’s never played a Mario game before, we’d like to come see the rock you’ve been living under. If you’re anything like us, you have fond memories of making Mario jump up to hit blocks and break bricks, and you also always assumed that he did so with his head.

Super Mario toy
Mika Baumeister on Unsplash

Take a closer look, however, and you’ll actually see that he has been breaking them with his fist all along! Is there anyone who can’t believe that a huge part of their childhood was basically a lie?

Speaking of Mario…

If there are any Mario fans who also liked the game Space Invaders there’s a good chance you may not have noticed this small detail from both games. We all know that Mario wears a pair of red overalls, but have you ever really looked at the shape of them?

Give them another glance and you might be surprised to see that they are in the exact shape of one of the aliens from the game.

And One More Thing…

Mario games are apparently full of secrets, because we have yet another design detail that you probably never noticed. We all know that the game Super Mario Bros. features a bright blue sky with puffy clouds in many of its levels, and there are also some green bushes lining the ground, as well.

If you’ve never really thought to compare them, you probably never noticed until now that they’re actually the same shape.

But the Mario secrets don’t stop there. Check out ten more fun facts about Nintendo’s favorite plumber.

Your USB Cord

Though you’ve probably never noticed this because a lot of USB cords have silver metal, this picture makes it a little more clear. Have you ever noticed that they look like the head of a duck?

While we have no idea if this was an intentionally-made design decision, it’s one that’s actually pretty fun once you notice it.

Scar Is In “Hercules”

It’s pretty well-known at this point that Disney movies often contain Easter eggs that link them to other movies, and there’s a big one that you may have missed in Hercules.

In one scene, Hercules is brandishing his shield and sword, all while wearing the skin of a lion over his head. That’s not any ordinary lion, though—it’s actually Scar from The Lion King. Looks like Zazu got his wish.

Crayola Boxes

For most of us, it’s probably been awhile since we’ve actually held a box of Crayola crayons or colored pencils in our hands, but you never really forget what one looks like. When it came to the boxes for colored pencils, you may remember that they always came with a cutout at the top of the box, which we always assumed was just used to show of the pencils inside.

Box of crayons
Leisy Vidal on Unsplash

Take another look, though, and you’ll notice that the cutout is actually in the shape of a smile, presumably to represent all the fun you’ll have while coloring.

Michael Scott’s Diploma

Those who aren’t fans of The Office might not care too much about this—although, are there really many people who don’t love this hilarious show? We often see a diploma hanging in Michael Scott’s office, and you’d assume it’s just his college degree or some type of achievement award from Dunder Mifflin.

When you get a closer look, however, it becomes clear that’s not any type of achievement-related certificate at all. Instead, it’s a certificate of authenticity for a timepiece, and the whole thing is so quintessentially Michael Scott that we can hardly stand it.

The LG Logo

At first glance, the LG logo just looks like winking face that also happens to form the company name.

With a little imagination, though, you’ll see that it easily becomes Pacman once the “L” is moved into the right spot.

Honey Nut Cheerios Boxes

While there aren’t many Honey Nut Cheerios displays that are set up four boxes wide, we kind of wish they were now. Even if they’re not, though, there’s a special design on the box that’ll still line up, and it’s one you probably never noticed before.

Bowl of Cheerios
John Matychuk on Unsplash

Take a look at the bowls of cereal on the bottom of the boxes and you’ll see that they actually line up from box to box, making complete bowls of cereal when they’re next to one another.

The Goodwill Logo

Logos are great places to incorporate lots of different items, including small secrets that aren’t really that obvious upon first glance. The logo for Goodwill is a great example. In the upper left-hand corner, there’s what looks like half of a smiling face, and the name of the company is on the bottom.

Compare that “face” and the “g,” though, and you’ll wonder how you ever missed that they’re actually the same.

This “Jurassic Park” Scene

There’s no doubt that the raptors contribute to a lot of the best scenes in Jurassic Park. One of them occurs when a few of the raptors are on the prowl inside the building where all of the humans are hiding out and, when it moves in front of a projector, has what looks like random letters transferred onto its face momentarily.

Jurassic Park movie set with dinosaurs and gate
Yohann LIBOT on Unsplash

The moment happens pretty quickly in the movie, so you may have never thought to pay much attention to what the letters actually said. Well, if they actually said anything—the letters are actually a DNA sequence, which takes the scene to a whole new level when you consider how the park came to be in the first place.

Jerry Seinfeld’s Door

If you’re a fan of Seinfeld, you’re well aware that Kramer loves to pop into Jerry’s apartment suddenly and often very unexpectedly.

What you may not have noticed, however, is that Kramer barging in so often actually left a physical mark on the door. Look at the bottom and you’ll see all of the scuff marks from his visits over the years.

“House” Featured Stephen Colbert

No, we’re not talking about Stephen Colbert physically being in an episode of the show House, but he did make an appearance in many of them—you just never noticed it.

Take a good look behind House and you’ll see that he, for whatever incredibly reason, has a framed photo of Colbert on his desk.

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