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Megan Senseney

The Ancient Tradition Of Neck Elongation, Explained

The practice of neck stretching has been around for centuries, but lengthening the neck isn’t even what it does.

Necklace Found On Ocean Floor Reveals True Love Story From Titanic

Everyone’s favorite tragic love story is truer than any of us ever could have thought.

Origin Stories Of Your Favorite Holiday Figures: How We Got Cupid,The Easter Bunny, and Santa

The price we pay for presents under a tree. Here's how Santa, the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy, and other childhood figures came about.

7 Essential Secrets Of All Magicians

Pulling together a magic act takes a lot more than you think, yet the tricks are somehow much simpler than you'd ever imagine.

Luggage Locks, Speed Limits, And Other Safety Measures That Are Totally Bogus

That lock on your luggage isn't doing you any favors. In fact, we'd bet a thief already has the key the need to open it.

6 Creepiest Hidden Rooms People Wish They’d Never Found

The noise you just heard could be a random trash bag billowing around outside—but it could also be a stranger living in your walls.

A Woman Sued Airbnb After Finding A Hidden Camera In Her Apartment

Here's her hidden camera horror story (and a few tips to help you spot the devices yourself).

Here’s What Really Happens To Lost Luggage (Plus Answers To 4 Other Airline Mysteries)

Get ready to kick yourself, because that lost luggage of yours ended up somewhere and you totally could've gone to find it.

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