14 Of The Best Ways To Hack A Fast Food Menu

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Fast food is a guilty pleasure we all get sometimes. We all have vices, and when we go to indulge, we may as well go all in.


So, next time you go through the drive-thru of one of these places, or wait in line at the Chipotle (why is there no drive-thru?), be prepared with the best fast food hacks to save some cash and get more out of your dollar.

McDonald’s – Eggs

Well, there is a lot to say about McDonald’s eggs, and that is because they cook them in a variety of ways.

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images (via Livestrong)

If you are ordering a dish that comes with an egg, the freshest will be the Egg McMuffin. That is because they use an actual egg and a circular device to cook it right there and then, whereas the other dishes that contain eggs may be liquid eggs, or eggs that were already scrambled and then flash frozen.

Lompoc Record

To get a complete breakdown of the eggs at Mickey D’s, check out this Business Insider article.

McDonald’s –The McGangBang

The name is as terrible as the calorie count on this one. Your money goes further on this one, but eat with warning.


Hack the Menu shares how to order this concoction: “Simply order a McDouble and a McChicken. The McChicken Sandwich is placed directly inside of the juicy McDouble, buns and all. So, for $2 you’ve created a huge tasty sandwich.”

Huffington Post

Essentially all you really have to do is order a McDouble, and a McChicken, then just take the chicken breast from the McChicken and place it between the burger patties on the McDouble, or you can have them do it where you get more bread. But c’mon, we are cutting back on carbs.

McDonald’s – The Land, Sea, and Air Burger

Points awarded for a catchy title and use of the entire carnivorous menu. This 3-in-1 sandwich includes a Big Mac, a Filet-O-Fish, and a McChicken, combined together for the McDonald’s version of a turducken.


Some people include fries somewhere the sandwich as well, but the bun count is totally up to you. The sandwich may set you back around $9, but it is probably worth it. At least once.

McDonald’s – Steamed Buns

While some people love the sesame seed bun, others may find it a bit dry.


In any case, and for any sandwich, you can ask them to put a Filet-O-Fish bun on it which is steamed compared to the sometimes-dry version of a normal bun.

Crispy Fries, Every Time

This is one of the best tricks in the book that often go overlooked. We have all had the argument of which fast food joint has the best fries, and many answers depend on one major thing: crispness.


To hedge your bets what you should do is ask for an order of fries with no salt. Since the majority of restaurants salt their fries right out of the fryer, this will assure you some fresh fries since they’ll have to make a brand new order. Plus, you’ll lower your sodium intake which is essentially eating healthy.

Chipotle – Double Protein

As if Chipotle’s burritos weren’t big enough already, there is a way to possibly make them even larger. Next time you are at Chipotle order a bowl or burrito with both steak and chicken (or any two proteins).

Brian Snyder/Reuters (via Quartz)

While it depends on the server, oftentimes they’ll give you two-thirds of a portion or a full portion of each. That will make your burrito go from weight three pounds up to four or more. Just make sure you have some Pepto Bismol at home.

Chipotle – Free Guac

But it comes with a price. Kind of.

Joe Raedle/Getty Images (via SFGATE)

If you order anything vegetarian style at Chipotle, you’re order comes with a free serving of guac. Sure, you’re missing out on the meat, but that guac!

Chipotle – Quesarito

You can also have the wrap of any burrito (not just vegetarian) made into a basic cheese quesadilla, then wrapped into a burrito.


Eat and order with caution—asking for this creation when there’s a busy line is a quick way to create some disgruntled workers.

Chipotle – Two Meals in One

The running theme here with Chipotle is portion size. How about the fact you can take advantage of their gluttonous portions without actually having to eat it all? Because if you’re anything like us, you will.

Getty Images (via Mic)

The trick here is to order a bowl and then when checking out, ask for your free tortilla or taco shells to go. Then when you’re home, portion the food out to a normal size and you’ll have at least two meals out of it. This is what we call a “game changer.”

Taco Bell – Extra Crispy Anything

If you ever order chicken wings, you have to get them extra crispy. Now you can’t really order a hard shell taco extra crispy, but did you know you can order anything at Taco Bell that is grilled “extra crispy”? That means your next quesadilla doesn’t have to be some soft, mushy, droopy, half-cooked quesadilla, it can be a deliciously cooked and crispy one.


Don’t forget your extra sauces though, because then it’s not really even considered Taco Bell.

Subway – DIY Bag

Have you ever ordered Subway, then walked with it somewhere, only to then open it up and see everything has slid down to one end? Well, there is a user-friendly modification for that. Personally, this is news to me and I’m looking forward to it since I skateboard to my local Subway and then skate home, meaning there is plenty of time for my sandwich to get all lopsided. 


All you do is tie the handle end into a knot, then rip a makeshift handle long-ways in the middle and you got yourself a new carry case that keeps the sandwich how it should be, horizontal.

Raul Garcia

Or just do it like this guy and have your own cardboard Subway holder.

Subway – Double Philly Steak & Cheese for Less

One of the best sandwiches on the Subway menu is the Philly Steak & Cheese. It is also one of the most expensive, averaging around $8.50. A little trick to make your money go further is to order the normal steak and cheese, then for $3.00 (for a footlong) more you can get double the meat.

The Daily Meal

You’ll end up paying around the same price but you’ll have almost twice as much meat compared to the Philly which is more expensive because it’s a larger portion compared to their normal steak and cheese. Now you’ve beat the system.

Subway – Scooped Bread

Want to save a few calories at Subway? Or do you want more room to add for veggies?

Domesticate Me

When you ask for you bread, ask for it to be “scooped” and the employee will scoop some of the inside of the bread out leaving you with less carbs or calories, and more room for veggies, it’s a win-win!

Subway – Sliced Paper

When your sandwich artist goes to cut your footlong in half, ask them to roll it up first and then cut it.


That way you can save half or at least while you eat the first half, the other one won’t get cold or spill everywhere.

Steak n’ Shake – A Cheaper Frisco Melt

One of the best things on the Steak n’ Shake menu is their Frisco Melt. The problem is, it is also their most expensive. You can get a double cheeseburger for around $2.00, which is where this trick lies.

Robyn Lee/Flickr

Order the double cheeseburger but ask for it on grilled sourdough like the Frisco, then for cheese you get Swiss, and ask for a side of frisco sauce and grilled onions and you got yourself a $2.00 frisco melt over the normal $6 or $7 one.

KFC – Poutine

Our Canadian friends let us know this trick about KFCs in the States that may not have this on their menu.

chew boom

The next time you visit the Colonel, ask for an order of fries (extra crispy) and then top it with gravy and cheese curds for a make-your-own poutine classic.

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