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Scott Bender

Mind-Bending Examples Of The Mandela Effect That Will Make You Question Everything

Prepare to have your memories shattered by the truth.

Survival Tactics To Remember In Life-Threatening Situations

Unless you are Bear Grylls, you’ll want to know this information.

14 Strange Yet Practical Uses For Coca-Cola (That Don’t Involve Drinking It)

You may want to cut soda from your diet, but maybe you should reconsider banning it from your home.

In-N-Out Secrets, Revealed By Employees

Because if you don't know what Roadkill Fries are, then you're missing out.

Things You Need To Stop Doing When You’re In Your Thirties

We hate to say it, but it’s time to grow up. Well, just a little.

This Is How Much Coffee Each “Friends” Character Drank (Plus 7 Other Brilliant Fan Calculations)

From how much Central Perk charged the "Friends" crew to how much Harry Potter was worth in the wizarding world, these calculations are on a whole new level.

These Are The Phone Tips Every International Traveler Should Know

Because losing your phone when traveling is bad enough.

6 Incredible Film Performances From People Who Had Never Acted Before

From all walks of life onto the silver screen, take a look at these non-actors who made history.

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