An Interview With The 2020 Rockefeller Christmas Tree

We got an exclusive interview with the 2020 Rockefeller Christmas tree. Find out what happened and how they're feeling about this whole ordeal.

6 Best Movies To Watch On Thanksgiving

Don't know what to watch on Thanksgiving? Here are the top 6 movies you can binge while simultaneously eating too much mashed potatoes.

An Interview With The Guy Who Had To Tell...

"The dude had a fly on his head. I don’t care what you think politically, if a guy has a fly on his head, you tell him about it."

Movies Leaving Netflix in September 2020

Get one more watch in before these great films disappear from our favorite streaming service.

Scatman John Vs. Scatman Crothers: Who Is The Real...

Scatman Crothers was an iconic character actor; Scatman John was a novelty singer. Which one is the real Scatman?

A Bad Last Impression: Looking Into The 9 Worst...

A bad series finale can ruin everything a fan loves about their favorite show. Here's a look at some of the worst offenders.

Ranking The Actors Who Played The Joker (And What...

For an actor, the Joker is the role of a lifetime...provided that it doesn't drive you insane. Here's a look at the best Jokers and how they prepared.

90’s Movie Moments That Traumatized A Whole Generation Of...

If you grew up in the '90s, we only need to write the word "Artax" to make you cry.

The 50 Greatest Horror Movies Of All Time, Ranked

Without giving spoilers, we ranked our 50 favorite horror movies of all time. Be sure to tell us how wrong we are.

8 Movies With Plot Holes That Completely Ruined Everything...

Serious film buffs get joy not just from watching movies—they also love picking them apart and looking for plot holes. We’ve rounded up eight of the biggest offenders for your gloating pleasure.

A Bad Last Impression: Looking Into The 5 Worst...

A bad series finale can ruin everything a fan loves about their favorite show. Here's a look at some of the worst offenders.

We Asked A Neural Network To Write A Better...

The last episode of "Game of Thrones" was poorly received by fans and critics. That made us wonder: Could a neural network write a more compelling plot?

Really, Ref? The 6 Most Heartbreaking Botched Calls In...

What's worse: The Saints-Rams no-call or the Blues-Sharks no-call? Here's a look at heartbreaking blown calls from recent history (and their fallout).

Tips And Tricks From “Fortnite” Experts

Tired of being eliminated right away by "Fortnite" experts? Here's how to play like one.

Archie Isn’t A Blonde (And 10 Other Things You...

Veronica Lodge? More like Veronica Sweat Lodge. Here are some of the surprising stories behind this CW hit

Big-Time Movie Cameos You’ll Have To Squint To Notice

We bet you didn’t know that Matt Damon was in...everything.

May I Borrow Your Bit? Famous Instances Of Alleged...

Knock, knock. Who’s there? Don’t answer that! Someone could be trying to steal your material!

The Pitch That Changed Baseball (And Other Landmark Rules...

Whether it be for safety, competitive balance, or the ease of not having to go get the ball from the dang peach basket again, sports leagues are always on the lookout for ways to improve the games we love.

Based On A True Story: How Hollywood Mixes Fact...

Ben Affleck, Russell Crowe, and Mel Gibson should not be your main sources of historical instruction. From JFK to Gladiator, here are the "true" films that took the most creative liberties.

8 Classic Movies That Are Hard To Watch Today

They don't make films like they used to. Sometimes, that's a good thing.

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