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David Morrison

Digging Into Seemingly Arbitrary School Rules

The often-adversarial dynamic between students and teachers doesn’t have to be that way. Mutual respect is possible, under the right circumstances.

No Fighting On Set! Famous Cases Of Co-Stars Who Just Didn’t See Eye-to-Eye

Co-stars don’t always get along. Sometimes, that animosity between characters on screen is grounded in real-life drama.

From The Hustle To The Harlem Shake: What Science Has To Say About Adolescent Antics Through The Years

Why does it always seem like the youth belong to a different species? Well, it could come down to their brain matter.

May I Borrow Your Bit? Famous Instances Of Alleged Joke Theft Among Comedians

Knock, knock. Who’s there? Don’t answer that! Someone could be trying to steal your material!

That’s So Me: What Personality Tests Can Tell Us About Ourselves

The good ones can help you find your place in the “OCEAN” and teach you how to use your personality to your advantage. So, naturally, we talked to the experts and found the good ones.

The Pitch That Changed Baseball (And Other Landmark Rules That Changed Sports)

Whether it be for safety, competitive balance, or the ease of not having to go get the ball from the dang peach basket again, sports leagues are always on the lookout for ways to improve the games we love.

Based On A True Story: How Hollywood Mixes Fact And Fiction To Reimagine History

Ben Affleck, Russell Crowe, and Mel Gibson should not be your main sources of historical instruction. From JFK to Gladiator, here are the "true" films that took the most creative liberties.

Taking The Bait: Why We’re So Susceptible To Hoaxes

Because we hold so tightly to the things we fervently hope to be true, human beings are ripe targets for the world of make-believe.

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