Thanks to the pandemic, quarantine life for more has meant increasing our media consumption by a cool 2000% (just us?). But even with such a variety of platforms, sometimes our favorites unexpectedly disappear on us, leaving us behind in the dust. Cold and alone, scrambling through an online search to try and reconnect. We thought they’d be there forever, to turn on and mindlessly gaze at while eating ice cream under our comforter (again, just us?). 

So you don’t get alarmed, here are the shows and movies about to leave our beloved Netflix on September 1st.

Never heard of some of these films? Let these trailers pique your interest.

1. Bad Boys I & II

2. Candyman 

Everyone’s favorite horror movie involving bees, set to the minimalist music of Philip Glass.


3. Child’s Play

4. Clueless

You need to, like, totally watch this. 

5. Failure to Launch

6. Get Him to the Greek

If you’ve never seen this movie—it’s better than you think. We Promise.

7. Groundhog Day 

This is the only movie forgivable to skip on this list, seeing how every day has been groundhog day for the last six months…

8. He’s Just Not That Into You

9. Jerry Maguire

10. The Karate Kid I, II, & III

We’re just going to put the first trailer here.

11.The Lake House 

Again, if you’ve never seen this movie—it’s better than you think…while also being so terrible. Just watch it OK? There’s a magic mailbox in it!

12. Life as We Know It

13. Murder Party

14. Observe and Report

15. One Day

16. Public Enemies

17. Rugrats Go Wild

Classic and adorable.

18. School Daze

19. Tootsie

20. United 93

21. V for Vendetta

22. Valentine’s Day 

Get your rom-com on with this classic featuring Julia Roberts, Jamie Foxx, Jessica Biel, and many others.