Fashion Choices That Make You Look Messy

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Do you feel like you constantly get the side-eye from others? Are you concerned that your career isn’t progressing how you would like? If so, the way you dress could be to blame. According to Business Insider, research shows that your appearance influences the way others perceive your intelligence, financial success, authority, and trustworthiness.

Simple fashion mistakes can mess down your appearance. Avoid becoming a victim to these sneaky saboteurs by following these tips.

“Is That Your Grandmother’s Hand-Me-Down?” Mistakes

If your clothes look like they are exhausted, it’s probably time to say goodbye.

Tory DeOrian

Worn Clothing

Unfortunately, nothing lasts forever, and that includes clothes. Small rips, holes, frays, and tears can go from a minor flaw to a deal breaker when it comes to clothing. The worst problem is that small imperfections can escalate quickl


A tailor may be able to help you with hems and holes. Cute patches can conceal minor tears and rips. Consider donating any clothes that are still wearable. Although it may be hard to let go, just think of the new items you can replace these with.

Clothes with Pilling

It happens to the best of ‘em. A few times into wearing, you notice that certain spots on your garment are a little rougher than others. The next thing you know, a bunch of tiny little balls join the party and take up space on those rough patches on your garment, most likely in the armpit or thigh areas. These clothing-crashers are called pills and are formed when fabric rubs together.


Blended fabrics are usually the most susceptible to becoming victims of pilling, says Good Housekeeping magazine. Fiber blends that contain three or more fabrics have a higher incidence of pilling, especially those that contain both natural and synthetic fibers.

To prevent damage, turn your garment inside out before washing. Doing so prevents the fabric from rubbing against other clothes in the wash, stopping the pills before they wreak havoc.


The gold standard for pill-prone garments is hand-washing. Placing your washer on the gentle or delicate setting is second best. Air-drying your clothing can also help to keep it safe. Once everything is washed and dried, store or hang your garments inside out.

Faded Clothing

Looking to make a bad impression? An easy way to do this is by wearing a shirt that was white in a former life.


It’s inevitable that the whitest of whites start to discolor, and once they do, it’s time to either put them in the discard pile or do something about them.

Prevent your whites from becoming a former version of themselves by making whites a separate load by themselves. Mixing them with colors can cause them to become dingy and grey.

“Did You Not Know You Were Leaving the House Today?” Mistakes

Certain fashion mistakes are forgivable. These, however, not so much.

Tory DeOrian


We get it. You’re busy. It’s difficult to fit in that ironing time when you’ve got so much going on. But your wardrobe, and possibly even your image, won’t be taken seriously if you look like you just grabbed your shirt from the bottom of the hamper.


Preventing wrinkles can save you precious time with a little bit of effort. Read the care tag on your clothing to learn how to best wash it. The water and dryer temperature you use could have a huge effect on the condition of your clothing. Then, hang your clothes up immediately after they are dry.

If you’re against ironing, you can use the dryer to your advantage in the fight against wrinkles. Wrap the garment around an ice cube, then throw them in the dryer. The ice dissolves and turns into steam, thereby creating the perfect anti-wrinkle environment. A wet sock tossed in with your wrinkled clothes may do the trick, as could spritzing down your clothes in water and then drying them.

Dirty Shoes

You wouldn’t leave the house in mud-covered clothing, so why would you walk outside with dirty shoes? A pair of less-than-clean kicks can ruin your outfit faster than you can click your heels together.


A quick swipe when you walk through the door can prevent buildup on heels and boots, but your sneakers are often a different story. Their material can make stains difficult to erase. Fortunately, you can usually rid shoes of unsightly stains by tossing them in the washer.

According to USA Today, you’ll need to sprinkle the insides of each sneaker with 3 tablespoons of baking soda, and leave them overnight. Shake the soda out in the morning.


Remove the laces from your sneakers and place them in a pillowcase to stop them from getting tangled in the wash. Wipe as much dirt and debris from your shoes as you can with a toothbrush, then toss the laces and the shoes in the washer. Protect your shoes, and your washer, by throwing in four to six towels in, as well. This will keep your shoes protected and stop them from banging against the washer.

Use liquid detergent and wash the shoes in a cold, delicate cycle. Allow the shoes to air-dry once they are clean. Avoid putting them in the dryer, as its heat can damage your sneakers.

Chipped Nail Polish

A manicure can turn from cute to cringe-worthy in a matter of minutes and all it takes is a single chip in the polish.


Although keeping a perfect manicure for more than a week or two is just about impossible, you can take a few simple steps to keep your polish from taking a hike.

First, apply an even and thin base coat. Allow the layer to completely dry, which usually takes at least two minutes, before you put on another coat. Use a gel-finish top coat or an at-home LED lamp to help your nails dry.

If you want a professional manicure, ask them to skip the top coat and apply the gel finishing coat when you get home.

“Here’s the Number to a Tailor” Mistakes

Clothing companies make their products available in a number of different sizes. Use this to your advantage. Wearing garments that don’t fit as well as they could dramatically affect your appearance.

Tory DeOrian

Poor-Fitting Clothing (and Shoes)

Falling in love with a piece of clothing that doesn’t exactly fit is a common tragedy. You can likely fix it, however, by taking the garment to a tailor.

Shoes that don’t fit are also not only dangerous, but can make you look like a child playing dress up, or like you’re holding your feet and toes hostage.

Pants That Drag

There are many things in life that would classify as being a drag, but your pants shouldn’t be one of them. Hem lines that flirt with the floor are just fine, but you’ve gone too far when they make contact. Along with carrying around dirt and other grime, long pants can become damaged from their trip.


Prevent this fashion faux pas by visiting the tailor. Bring the shoes you like to wear the most with those pants along so the tailor has an idea of home much to remove.

A Literal Boyfriend Blazer

Wearing clothes labeled “boyfriend fit”: good. Borrowing clothes that actually belong to your boyfriend: bad.


No matter how romantic you think it is to snuggle in your boyfriend’s clothes, doing so likely gives you a sloppy appearance. If you like the idea of donning garments that have that boyfriend-type style, look for boyfriend-cut clothes. Despite the name, this type of clothing is cut for feminine figures and looks amazing.

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