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Heather Vecchioni

Fate Or Chance? Here’s What The Experts Think About Coincidences

Is it fate when you run into someone you were just thinking about or just plain facts? Time to flip a coin(cidence).

Enhance Your iPhone With These 37 Must-Have Accessories

From portable fans to professional-quality lenses, these accessories help you get the most from your iPhone.

38 Items Lazy People Shouldn’t Live Without

From forks that twirl your spaghetti for you to glasses that let you read without moving your neck, this list contains all the essentials to live life to the fullest, lazy-style.

39 Insanely Innovative Products On Amazon Trending With Millennials

From electrolyte mixes to backpacks that charge your phone, we’ve got everything this generation shouldn’t live without.

40 Essential Amazon Products For Around $10

From spherical ice cube molds to charcoal teeth whiteners, these unique, affordable Amazon products fit into just about any budget.

38 Unsung, Game-Changing Items On Amazon

From sleep-inducing lightbulbs to electronic air fresheners for cars, you'll wonder why you didn’t know about these products sooner.

How The 1 Percent Are Preparing For Disaster

Who said doomsday prep had to be utilitarian? These luxury survival bunkers are a bit more than boastful.

Is The Truth Really Out There, Or Is It Hiding With Bigfoot?

Why do we still want to believe in cryptids?

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