Social media offers everyone the chance to share a very select, curated view of their lives. While many genuinely want to share their good moments with friends and family, too often people use social media to show unrealistic portrayals of their lives.

The fact remains that if you’re truly having the time of your life, you’re probably not going to put it on hold to take a selfie. Here are some other reasons why happy couples post less on social media.

1. They are already with the person they want to impress.

If you want an ex to feel the pain of losing you, you might go overboard posting photos of you and your partner grinning while you zip line through the jungle in Belize. Happy couples tend to simply enjoy the experience and tell the story about it at a later date.

These couples are spending time and living in the moment with the person they most want to impress. When the person who matters most is with you, you have nothing to prove on social media.

2. Keeping arguments off of social media leads to faster resolutions.

This is a big one. Happy couples bicker and fight just like anybody else. However, they are usually better at resolving their differences than unhappy couples.

One of the worst things to do during an argument is to post about it on social media. Doing so involves people who shouldn’t be involved and can complicate the disagreement exponentially more.

3. They focus on enjoying moments rather than documenting them.

We don’t blame people for snapping a photo of a beautiful dessert or a crazily good meal in a foreign country. But those letting their food get cold while taking pictures are missing the whole point of the good meal.

Moments are only enjoyable if you are present to enjoy them. If you spend your time getting the perfect pose with the perfect lighting to look like the perfect couple, the moment can pass without really being enjoyed.

4. Keeping experiences private makes them more special.

Even if you’re having the time of your life, there’s something special about keeping it between you and your partner. By not posting photos of your picnic or hiking trip, you create a bond and a shared experience for only you and your partner.

Having those private experiences can make you happier by confirming that you satisfy each other. Relying on friends and family to like your experience implies that you are seeking outside validation.

5. Leaving your phone behind shows that the two of you are enough.

Of course, everyone should have friends and confidants besides their partner. In fact, it’s healthy to have someone else to talk to about problems you might be having.

On the other hand, by leaving your phone (and thus your way of communicating with everyone else) behind sometimes, you’re proving that the two of you can create a satisfying experience together. Happy couples are happy because they are satisfied with their partners. Dating someone because you look good together is a recipe for disaster.