Prom’s a big deal; you get it. Many teenagers and families of high schoolers put a lot of money into making the event and elegant and memorable affair. For Syracuse, NY senior Malexa Maeweather, this was definitely an unforgettable prom, but for all the wrong reasons—namely this hideous dress.

Needless to say, when Malexa got this dress from her “designer” the night before prom, she spent the rest of the evening in tears. But mama bear, Dee Lewis, was furious.

“For a $100 deposit,” Lewis told Yahoo Style, “[the ‘designer’] told my daughter that she would make her something nice with material she already owned and that she wanted to ‘play around with the design’… Malexa didn’t know anything about what the dress would look like.”

“[The designer] didn’t offer any reimbursement as a professional courtesy,” Lewis told the international fashion website.

When she couldn’t get her money back, Lewis decided to get even instead. She posted three pictures of the dress online, calling out the designer by name.

“So Kia Wagner called my daughter Malexa Maeweather THE NIGHT b4 prom to pick up her dress which she charges $300 for. R u serious.. was i wrong for wanting my DEPOSIT BACK?”

The public has been trying to help get Lewis her deposit back.

Thousands of people have since seen, shared, and reacted to the pictures. Surprisingly, more than a week after sharing the pictures of the devastating dress, Kia Wagner’s page was still public, revealing a defiant tone from the “designer” and lots of comments from strangers ranging from homicidal to hilarious.

One thread included more than 100 comments including these gems:

Chrislynn Metz commented, “If I ordered a cheeseburger and there were no cheese pickles or burger. I’d walk back in and demand my money back and I would be in the right. If I ordered a dress and there was no artistry, detail, or any type of class, I would walk back in and demand my money back. I would still be in the right.”

Cora Lestikow was a little harsher: “So this b**** just ruined any chances of making another dress for anyone because she doesn’t want to refund $300? Dumbest business decision and customer service decision you could make. I hope that $300 lasts you a little while, it’s the last money you’re gonna make designing anything.”

Another sub-thread featured some fantastically funny comments from a user whose username is a little too racy for this site: “Had her lookin like chicken little… Homegirl is ready to be plucked n battered smh.”

“Always three sides to a story.”

In one of Wagner’s posts featuring a custom dress and matching blazer that she says she designed, someone asked why that level of attention didn’t reflect on Malexa’s dress. Wagner, responded: “I tried she didn’t give me a chance to. It’s always 3 sides to a story never forget that!”

Wagner recently shot back at the negative commentary in a thread on her page:

“I’m great at what i do and that unfinished product was an embarrassment and i wouldn’t have ever sent anyone to prom like that. I have dignity and the reason she will not get her $100 deposit back is because i was simply following the instructions she agreed and decided to. She had a wide variety of fabric selections to choose from and as well as several of fittings where i asked her numerous of times if this was the look she was going for and if she like it and she would agree with me every single time. She didn’t have to get this style dress she choose the style the fabric selection ect and I even offered to make her a whole new dress after she wasted my fabric and still didn’t get any reaction out of her. So know the whole story b4 you choose a side”

Now that you’ve read the story, has Wagner changed your mind about that dress?

Just so you know, a friend of Lewis’ let Malexa borrow a dress that the friend’s daughter had worn to prom the year before, which Malexa had another designer fix up just before her own prom night, making the evening an eventual success.