Donald Trump’s approval ratings hover at record lows, but Ivanka seems immune to the criticism. Many see the First Daughter as a moderating force on her father’s impetuous decision making.

Others see her as a fashion icon. Ivanka is the daughter of a model, has modeled herself, and started her own brand of clothing and accessories. As an assistant to the president, she frequently appears at events at the White House and abroad dressed to the nines.

Now that her face is appearing on television more and more, women around the country are emulating her style. In a few extreme examples, women are getting plastic surgery to look more like Ivanka.

A 33-year-old named Tiffany Taylor aspires to look just like Ivanka. She’s already gotten her breasts enlarged twice. Her next step was to remove a bump from her nose. The rhinoplasty procedure gave Taylor a nose that undeniably looks like Ivanka’s.

Taylor told ABC News, “I like Ivanka Trump’s classic features and that’s what I’m kind of modelling the look after.” The young woman also had cheek injections, liposuction, and a chin lift to more closely resemble the First Daughter.

After a second nose job and some work on her eyelids, she looked in the mirror and assessed her progress. “I see perfection. Absolutely stunning perfection. It’s like an art piece. It has high points and some love. It’s really pretty,” she said.

Taylor finished the look off with a shopping trip to Neiman Marcus where she purchased clothes to look more like Ivanka. While Taylor seemed satisfied with her look, we wouldn’t be surprised if she returned for more procedures. Plastic surgery patients who are chasing after someone else’s look often find more and more areas to improve.

Dr. Franklin Rose, the surgeon who helped Taylor shape shift, says that these days many women want to look like Ivanka.  He said, “She’s very beautiful and she’s very poised…and very elegant and very soft-spoken. So patients want to be like that.”

The plastic surgeon has helped at least one other young woman look more like Ivanka. Jenny Stuart is a 36-year-old IT headhunter, who had no problem attracting attention with her looks.

“I’ve been told probably hundreds of times that I look like Angelina Jolie,” Stuart told ABC. Stuart likes that comparison, but also wants to look like Ivanka. After seeing her speak at the Republican National Convention, Stuart was impressed by the businesswoman.

Stuart had liposuction, a Brazilian butt lift, rhinoplasty, breast implants, and fillers in her face. The procedures set her back $30,000, which was the discounted total after she appeared on television for Dr. Rose. 

It may seem odd that these beautiful young women risked going under the knife while paying tens of thousands of dollars to look like someone else, but Dr. Rose doesn’t mind. He said, “This might be the 1000th very, very beautiful patient that I’ve operated on. In an odd way, it’s sort of more enjoyable because you can take the beautiful into the hyper-beautiful.”