6 Things Only Women In Love Do. If She Does #4, Marry Her

There’s no feeling that’s more special than falling in love, but that feeling also presents a challenge in those days before you reveal that love to your partner.

You may worry that while you’re falling in love, she doesn’t feel the same way. Here are some signs that she has similar feelings to yours and is ready to hear you to say those magic words.

1) She makes you two exclusive.

When someone is dating casually, they may have several irons in the fire at once. When the relationship starts to get serious, she’ll cut out those other guys and focus just on you.

She won’t do that if she doesn’t have deep feelings for you. If you two have officially made your relationship exclusive, it’s only a matter of time before she’ll be hoping to hear you express how you feel about her.

2) She starts making plans for your future.

When people fall in love, they expect to grow together as people. That growth requires some long-term planning if it’s going to be successful.


Those plans might start small, like arranging a vacation a few months in the future. It will quickly grow into more, however, and she’ll be thinking about even longer-term plans.

3) She finds your quirks endearing.

Everyone has strange quirks, and more often than not those quirks become extremely annoying to their partners. When two people are in love, though, those quirks actually become something that your partner loves about you.


If she actually likes your quirks, that’s a clear sign that she has deep feelings for you. If she laughs at the things that have ended your previous relationships, she loves you.

4) She tells you how she feels.

If a woman is open to telling you exactly how she feels, it means that she feels very comfortable with you and wants you to know her heart and soul. That comfort and that openness are both indicators of deep feelings.


If she’s just telling you what you want to hear or is bottling up her feelings, she hasn’t yet built up that level of trust. She might get to that point, but she’s clearly not there yet.

5) She gives meaningful gifts.

When a woman is in love, she commits little details about her man to memory. When it comes time to buy a present, she uses those details to pick out the perfect present.


That effort she puts into picking out a great gift means she wants you to be really happy and feel very special. Those are indicators that she’s in love with you. If she just grabs something random off the shelves at Walmart, you may want to hold off on revealing your feelings.

6) She acts silly.

Girls can be really silly, but they often hide that silliness from their boyfriends. They reveal that silliness only when they feel comfortable and safe around their partners. That comes from being in love.


If your girl will do anything to put a smile on your face and isn’t afraid of looking a bit silly, she is in love with you. You may want to plan a perfect way to tell her that you love her too.

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