Life Hacks That Will Make You Say “Why Didn’t I Think of That?”

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Life would be so much easier if we all were creative inventors. We’d be able to invent solutions for everyday annoying things like finding our lost hair ties easily, pulling tape off of the roll, and taking out bags of leaking garbage without a hassle.

The good news is, you don’t have to be a professional creator in order to reap the rewards of one! Here are the most brilliant solutions to everyday annoyances—that others thought of:

Kitchen Cabinet Organizer

Open any kitchen cabinet door and more often than not, it’s a landmine with things like baking sheets, lids, and cutting boards falling out and crashing into each other. Keep your kitchen stuff organized with the metal file organizer that you use in your office!

Simply use a shelf liner to keep it from moving around, and stack all of your larger kitchen items nicely and in order.

Using The Hidden Features Of A Tape Measure

Easy-to-Remove Garbage Bags

Removing over-filled garbage bags out of a tight can is always an issue. The vacuum seal that forms between a bag and its can keeps the bag from moving—causing you to resort to gymnastic-like contortions and powerlifter strength to get it out.

Solve this problem easily by allowing some air into the bottom of the can. Drill holes on the sides of the can near the bottom. When air is allowed into the can, it allows for the garbage to be pushed upward and outward, easily.

Keeping Paint Brushes Clean

Painting is fun, but getting paint everywhere is not. Trying to keep your brush clean and free from excess paint is a hard task. The next time you paint try this trick.

Place a rubber band around the paint bucket (leaving enough room for your brush to go in.) Every time you dip your brush in, the rubber band effectively and cleanly scrapes the paint off of the brush.

Utensil Organizer

Are you sick of everyone’s toothbrushes lying all over the bathroom sink, in nasty puddles and on top of each other? Organize everyone’s oral hygiene tools like you organize your culinary tools—in a utensil organizer!

Everyone gets their own spot that can be labeled accordingly. Best of all, the organizer can be removed to be cleaned and dried, weekly.

BBQ Tool Organizer

Speaking of organizing, are your grilling tools crowding up the space on your grill’s side trays— leaving no room for anything else? Here’s a great idea!

Screw hooks to the under part of your deck railing so that each of your tools can have its own hook. Your tools will be out of the way, organized, and easily accessible.

Hair Straightener/Clothing Ironer

Can’t get to those hard-to-get wrinkled spots between shirt buttons? Got a wrinkled collar out of the blue? Not a problem!

A mini hair straightener fits perfectly and is hot enough to get it flat, without damaging the fabric.

Fabric Softener Repels Dust

Who needs smelly, noxious cleaning sprays and dirty feather dusters? Keep the dirt and dust particles contained in your house by using a fabric softener sheet to clean your countertops, dressers, and baseboards.

The fabric softener attracts the particles so they stick to the sheet and don’t end up on other surfaces or worse, airborne.

Label Your Cords

Have a problem figuring out which cord belongs to which appliance? There’s a hack for that!

Easily label your power cords with plastic bag closures—you’ll never pull the wrong one out again.

Keeping Boots in Shape

Have trouble keeping your leather boots in shape and stored well? Your pool tool can help! Foam pool noodles are the ideal shape and size to fit into your shoes—they’ll keep them in a straight position, and prevent damage.

Simply cut them into the exact height of your boots and stick them in.

Duct Tape Drink Holder

Ahh, good ol’ duct tape. It keeps things together and keeps them from getting wet. But did you know that it can be an effective cup holder as well?

Place a roll of duct tape on the floorboard of your car and put your coffee or other drink in it the next time you need an extra holding spot. The center of the tape core is large enough for drink cups, and the sides of the tape are sticky enough to keep everything from moving.

Hang Your Pictures Properly

It’s pretty hard to visualize how a group of pictures will look on the wall and determine where everything should go. Next time you’re planning a wall display, lay all of the frames on the floor and play with the arrangement until you’re happy.

Then, flip them over, take a picture, and make a diagram of the arrangement. Measure the distance of each picture’s hanger from the walls and jot the numbers down. Transfer the hanger locations to the wall and you’ll be able to replicate it easily.

Tissue Box Bag Holder

Those plastic bags that you get from the grocery store sure come in handy sometimes, but it’s always a problem figuring out where to keep them. A tissue box can become the most perfect bag holder!

Next time you empty out one, replace the tissues with the bags. You’ll be able to easily pull each out, one-by-one.

Wart Remover

Speaking of duct tape…got warts? The most effective and painless way to rid yourself of this pesky virus is to douse a cotton ball with apple cider vinegar and apply it to the wart.

Then cover the wart overnight, with a piece of duct tape. Continue this until the wart goes away.

Ice Cube Caulk

The tedious job of caulking can be messy and do a doozy on your fingertips. The easiest way to tool caulk is to take an ice cube and run it against the caulk line—applying steady pressure the entire way.

The water that forms against the caulk makes the smoothest and most professional of finishes.

Defuzz Your Window Screens

Got annoying fuzz on your window screens from cottonwood trees and other pollen producing plants? There’s no need to wash or vacuum it off.

Clean your screens easily and quickly with a lint roller! Just roll it over the surface and the fuzz comes right off.

Ironing Board Back Saver

As described by the people who do it, working under the sink is probably the most painful chore in the house. It’s awful on your back, neck, and shoulders. Make the job easier and less taxing by using a padded iron board to lie on!

Put one end of the board inside the cabinet and the other end on a 2×4. The angle of the board and the support on your back and neck will do wonders for your job satisfaction rating!

Duct Tape Sleeve Holders

This is a favorite with grandpas! The grandkids go out sledding and snow gets in between their winter jacket sleeves and their gloves—freezing their poor little wrists and arms.

Keep their jackets from temporarily riding up by using duct tape to hold the sleeve and glove together. The duct tape is flexible (so they can move), waterproof, and removes easily without residue.

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