5 Awesome Things From Japan That Should Immediately Be Used Everywhere on Earth

Japan has long been known for its advanced technology and ingenious inventions. From toilets that provide white noise to vending machines that dispense honest-to-goodness meals, the island nation is utterly civilized.

Of course, this means that when American tourists or students visit the country, they post proof of the amazing innovations they find in Japan on social media. Here are some of the best we’ve seen; we only hope that our country can catch up some day and offer some of these awesome inventions.

1. Hotel Room Capsules

Looking for a cheap, space-age alternative to a hostel? We’ve got the perfect place for you. These capsule hotels provide a comfortable (but a bit claustrophobic) place for tourists to safely rest without breaking the bank.

Fougerouse Arnaud

The capsules somewhat resemble hibernation pods from Alien or 2001: A Space Odyssey. Even if you don’t rent one for the weird aesthetic vibe, it’s a great way to save a little cash without having to sleep on a park bench.

2. Dekotora

It’s not uncommon to see a semi-truck in America with some sort of message or decoration. Usually, it’s simple, like Yosemite Sam Mud Flaps or a short Bible passage.

Kanon Serizawa

In Japan, they add a little more pizzazz. The trend started in the ’70s because of a movie called Torakku Yaro, which featured bedazzled 18-wheelers. While the trend is dying down in Japan, we feel like it’s only a matter of time before this becomes a thing in Texas.

3. Butter Grater

File this butter grater under “products we didn’t know we needed until right now.” How many times have you tried to butter toast, but the rock-hard, cold butter simply rips through the bread?

The Richest

The butter grater gets to the root of this problem by forcing out spirals of buttery goodness that spread with ease over your toast. Consider this first world problem solved!

4. Cooling Gel

This product is called Hokkyoku Monogatari, which literally translates to “Tales of the North Pole.” The gel provides a cooling sensation for hours and can be used anywhere on the body.

Shift East

Best of all, Hokkyoku Monogatari hardens as time passes meaning you can sculpt it however you like, and it will stay put (assuming you twist it around a body part). This is a great way to beat the heat at the beach or to stay cool in your house if your AC isn’t working.

5. Dispen Pak

This condiment distributor came up with a brilliant way to make dressing your food easier: The condiment package simply cracks open when you squeeze it, and the pressure of the two sides pushed together squeezes out the sauce.


These packets are so easy to use; you can apply condiments one handed. Dispen Pak even has this type of packet with both ketchup and mustard, which means with just a squeeze you can completely dress a hamburger. Amazing!

We’re so thankful this hub of innovation exists to spread their amazing ideas to other parts of the world. We hope it’s a matter of time until our country starts embracing a few of these fun ideas.

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