39 Etsy Products Every Leo Will Love

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You’re looking for something for your favorite Leo. The only problem: Mass-produced products don’t really make sense. After all, Leos aren’t mass-produced—well, okay, technically they are, since anyone born from July 23 to August 22 is a Leo, but you get our point—and their supposed desire for affection and admiration won’t be satisfied by a simple lion-shaped salt shaker or a “365 Lion Pictures” day calendar.

That’s why we love Etsy. A handmade gift can be extraordinarily meaningful, even if your hands aren’t the ones that made it, and creators on Etsy have plenty of excellent gift ideas for the lions in your life.

We dug through all the handmade goodies to find a few astrologically appropriate gifts for fun-loving (and, perhaps, attention-loving) Leos. Here’s what we found.

1. This t-shirt effectively sums up a Leo’s personality.

Handmade with cotton and polyester, this chic shirt comes from Ella & Brooks Co., a company formed by a “best friend team” based in Los Angeles, per their site.


Their high-quality clothes are a great alternative to fast fashion, and this Leo shirt is a nice example. It’s black ink on a deep heather backdrop (other colors are available) with a cute design that’s sure to make your inner lion roar (we swear we’ll cool it with the lion jokes).

It’s A Leo Thing T-Shirt, $21.60+ from Etsy

2. Celebrate your Leo’s birth sign with this stylish (and affordable) jewelry.

Made with brass, gold, rose gold, silver, and cubic zirconia, this charm necklace features a star arrangement in the shape of the Leo’s constellation. Other options are available for other astrological signs. It’s subtle, sophisticated, and attractive, and because each piece is made to order, it makes for a special way to celebrate.


The creator, Mignon and Mignon, offers personalization for this item, so if you’ve got something specific you want to say to the recipient, contact the maker to discuss options. Gift wrapping is also available.

Leo Zodiac Necklace, $13.99 from Etsy

3. These handmade silver ear climbers are a beautiful (and deeply personal) accessory.

Made with 92.5 sterling silver, these climbers are shaped like hair pins; slide the pin up the piercing for a unique, sophisticated look.


The packaging helps to take this gift to the next level. Creator arajera places each climber into a small corked bottle and provides a care card. Per the reviews, shipping is fairly fast; all products ship from the Philippines, so be sure to keep shipping costs and transit times in mind while ordering.

Leo Zodiac Constellation Sterling Silver Ear Climbers, $17.53 from Etsy

4. Make sure your Leo never forgets their gorgeous, gorgeous keys.

Steal your Leo’s keys and have them all re-cast in pure gold. It might cost a few thousand dollars, but hey, it’s worth it, right?


Well, if not, this hand-stamped keychain should serve the same purpose. The stamp is in the shape of the Leo constellation, with a smooth matte finish that looks pretty spectacular. The brass disk isn’t too thick (16 gauge, if you’re particular), and it comes with an included one-inch keyring.

Leo Constellation Hand-Stamped Keychain, $14.00 from Etsy

5. Heal your Leo (spiritually speaking, of course) with these gemstones and crystals.

Etsy shop owner Happy Nook Shop includes this product disclaimer with their items:
“Please use common sense when using Happy Nook Shop products and always follow the advice of your physician if you have any preexisting conditions.”


So although they won’t cure you of any medical conditions, they are still beautiful gemstones, and even if they’re not infused with new-age energy, they’d make a great desk display. The set comes with sunstone, citrine, clear quartz, carnelian, black onyx, red tiger’s eye, and yellow jasper. Several set sizes are available.

Leo Healing Crystals and Gemstones, $8.00 from Etsy

6. Give your Leo some easy wall art with this minimalist print.

The simple design contains a treasure trove of astrological info, including Leo’s element, polarity, ruler, modality, a motto, and a brief description of common Leo traits. If you’re into astrology—and, hey, you’re reading this list, so we’re going to say you are—it’s a nice wall hanger without any new-age imagery.


The link below leads to the downloadable version of this piece; the print version, available here, isn’t much more expensive, and comes with free shipping courtesy of creator CoffeeAndCatsDesign.

Leo Zodiac Print, $7.00 from Etsy

7. Let your love roar with this handmade Celtic necklace.

The lion measures at about 8 millimeters and is made with raw brass. The gold-plated chain displays it beautifully, and creator Smitten Kitten Kendall offers various chain sizes. Free gift wrapping is included.


Store owner Kendall makes every piece by hand, and she offers a 30-day exchange (or refund) policy. Per the product description, every piece arrives in a beautiful organza bag, which should help to put this gift over the top.

Lion Necklace, $20.67 from Etsy

8. This ready-to-print piece from Paradigm Art will let your Leo know that they’re special…

…and if there’s one thing that a Leo loves, it’s knowing that they’re special. The minimalist design features the Leo constellation in a black orb with a few of Leo’s more positive qualities listed below: Confident, Ambitious, and Generous.


This isn’t a physical product, so note that when ordering. If you’re looking for a last-minute gift, this exceptional wall hanging is perfect; simply order the design, print it off, set it in a simple black frame, and you’re good to go.

Leo Star Sign Print, $5.99 from Etsy

9. Tell your favorite Leo what you really think about them with this fridge magnet.

“Strong, confident, ambitious, pushy—pushy, bossy, pushy, bossy.” Yep, that pretty much sums it up.


Printed with archival inks on acid-free paper, this fridge magnet features a mylar covering and crystal-clear printing. Creator SmirkingGoddess has fantastic store reviews, and she notes in the product description that she’s able to make this in a pinback form. Either option makes a great stocking stuffer or a humorous trinket to include with a larger gift.

Leo Fridge Magnet, $3.05 from Etsy

10. Celebrate your friendship with this personalized bracelet.

The hand-stamped initial provides simple personalization, and a Leo trinket adds to the effect. Creator Poppy Kitten Designs notes that custom bracelet sides are available; by default, the bracelets are 6 inches with a 1.5-inch extender chain. Available in gold, rose gold, or silver.


For a more personal touch, consider adding a Swarovski crystal birthstone or charm, purchasable from the same shop (find them here).

Leo Bracelet, $13.19 from Etsy

11. Use this soy candle to brighten any room (along with your Leo’s mood).

While this soy candle features a Leo symbol on the front, that’s pretty much where it ends its relationship with astrology. No matter; it’s a great candle, infused with the restorative scents of ginger, lime, and cedar wood. The rustic, handmade look adds to the appeal, and there are even a few healing crystals in the mix (but remember, they’re for healing your soul, not anything serious).


Creator Witchwood Candles notes that the healing stones are intended to improve harmony, balance, creativity, and imagination. We can’t guarantee those effects, but these small-batch candles certainly smell great, and they offer a burn time of 30 to 35 hours.

Leo scented soy candle, $9.68 from Etsy

12. Ring up the birthday folks with this…ring.

Okay, we’re not the best with puns. This 925 silver ring is carefully crafted into the shape of the Leo’s sign. It should be safe for most people with skin sensitivities, per the product description, and it arrives in an eco-friendly paper jewelry box.


Because this isn’t adjustable, you’ll have to know the recipient’s ring size. That’s really the only downside; at $20, this is a great little gift at a fantastic price.

Leo Zodiac Ring, $20.00 from Etsy

13. Whatever you do, don’t forget a decent birthday card.

To really knock your Leo’s socks off, you’ll want this handmade card from shop Steel Petal Press. At only $6, it’s an extraordinarily well-made item, and you can rest assured that it’ll be a highlight of your recipient’s birthday celebration.


The shop offers discounts for larger orders, so if you’d like to finish all of your birthday shopping at once, consider their pick-six-for-$20 deal, available here. You still pick the cards, but you save a decent amount of cash on your order.

Leo Astrology Birthday Card, $6.00 from Etsy

14. If your Leo has a decent sense of humor, this mug should give them a good laugh.

It features a colorful description of the Leo’s personality, including a few descriptors we can’t really share here. With that said, it’s irreverent, but not filthy—at least until you leave your coffee sitting in it all weekend—and it’s ideal for any Leo with an office job.


Creator True Passion Styles offers this mug in 11-ounce and 15-ounce varieties; the larger mug is $2 more, but it’s a smart upgrade for Leos with serious coffee habits.

Leo Zodiac Mug, $14.95 from Etsy

15. Cap off a great day with this customized hat.

Creator AmazEmbroidery offers this low-profile women’s baseball cap, which features a pre-curved bill, an adjustable Velcro-strap closure, and multiple cap color and thread color options. The embroidered Leo sign on the front of the crown makes an immediate impression, and per store reviews, AmazEmbroidery’s staff is very communicative.


The store doesn’t offer returns. That makes sense, given the low price of the item and the personalization options, but it’s certainly worth a note if you’re not sure whether this item will fit your Leo.

Leo Zodiac Sign Baseball Cap, $14.99 from Etsy

16. Give personalized cutlery, because hey, why not?

If your Leo was born with a silver (or gold) spoon in their mouth, this gift will seem pretty natural.


Each piece of steel cutlery is coated with titanium nitride, which provides a long-lasting finish. The gold-colored engraving can be customized; add a message that will appeal to your Leo, then watch their eyes light up as they realize that they’ll never eat pudding the same way again.

Jokes aside, this makes a nice housewarming gift, and if your recipient enjoys coffee, tea, or anything else that requires a bit of mixing, this totally unique gift will be well-received.

Leo Cutlery Set, $16.69 from Etsy

17. This gorgeous locket is an intimate gift that can be personalized in dozens of ways.

An intricate brass locket hides a hand-painted depiction of the Leo star sign. Plated with nickel-free gold or silver (your choice), it arrives wrapped in tissue paper, but the optional gift wrapping includes a jewelry box with the message of your choice handwritten on a complimentary card.


To further personalize this piece, consider tucking a note or picture into the locket. The necklace length is 18 inches, but different chain lengths are available; contact the seller for more info.

Leo Locket, $33.96 from Etsy

18. This Leo keychain is almost too good to give away.

For less than $10, you get a beautiful Leo charm and an initialed charm, which you can personalize for your gift recipient. A latch lets this fit neatly onto backpacks or bags, and creator LeBuaJewelrytoo offers other birthstone and initial charm options at reasonable prices (check the product description on the Etsy page for more information).


Consider adding an entire message to the keychain—Leos love thoughtful gifts.

Leo Charm Keychain, $8.39 from Etsy

19. Leo leggings? Hey, why not.

You know what the problem is with most leggings? They’re not covered with giant lion faces and stars. Fix that problem with these comfy Leo leggings, made with 82 percent polyester and 18 percent Spandex.


An elastic waistband keeps them in place during your Leo’s yoga sessions (you know they’re always going on about yoga), and they’re hand-sewn after printing, so they’re more durable than the cheap leggings you’d find at the store. There’s a reason that leggings are so popular—they’re ultra comfortable. Add in a few cool graphics, and you’ve really got something going.

Leo Leggings, $49.95 from Etsy

20. Thrill your Leo with the only flowers that won’t wilt.

Flowers are romantic and everything, but they don’t last forever. Unless, that is, you pick up these amazing paper flowers from the Bloomatini Etsy store.


These realistic blooms are just as pretty as the real thing, and they’ve got an added bonus: The paper petals are printed with stars and the face of a lion, with the word Leo just visible at the edges.

All handcrafted, all made from recycled paper. Contact the seller for even more custom options.

Leo Paper Roses Arrangement, $49.00 from Etsy

21. This fine-art print perfectly captures the spirit of the Leo.

Looking for a poster that announces you were born under the sign of the lion? This art print will do the job in style. It’s a minimal ink drawing of a lion’s thoughtful face. Across the eyes, however, the constellation Leo shines through—and where it does, the artist renders the lion’s eyes in realistic detail.


It’s as if the star sign itself brings the animal to life. Does that remind you of anyone you know?

Choose one of five sizes, ranging from 8×10 to 18×24 inches.

Leo constellation poster, $15.00 from Etsy

22. This custom-engraved glass is ideal for Leos who don’t like to share.

Sick of other Leos in the office swiping your sign-themed drinking receptacles? There’s an Etsy shop that can help.

MaggioDesigns sandblasts glassware on request, creating gorgeous, long-lasting engravings that are heirlooms in the making. This cobalt-blue drinking glass starts with a stylized Leo graphic. Send in your name—or any text, really—and the shop staff will engrave it into your very own glass.


Now, we’d like to see the Leo down the hall try to use this handsome cup! Sorry, bro, this one is claimed.

Leo Personalized Pint Glass, $14.95 from Etsy

23. You definitely deserve a merit badge if you’re a Leo.

Scouts award merit badges for things like building fires and learning to fish. Fans of astrology, on the other hand, deserve merit badges just for being who they are.


This Leo merit badge from PatchNation boasts a vintage style that would be at home on any scout uniform, but it depicts the ancient astrological symbol for the sign. Choose your own color combination. Iron it onto your jacket or backpack to let everyone know you’re a proud Leo, and that’s something to celebrate.

Leo Merit Badge Patch, $1.99 from Etsy

24. Record your astrological thoughts and dreams in a journal built for Leos.

The Leo can be a deep thinker. Don’t let those thoughts go to waste! Keeping a journal can help you process challenges, come up with solutions, and work out your gratitude muscle.


This leather-bound journal is the perfect place to record the day’s adventures. It’s adorned with a roaring lion in the center of the zodiac circle, all laser-engraved for long-lasting beauty.

Inside, it offers 192 cream-colored pages of ruled, acid-free paper. You can even have your name engraved on the cover—just contact the seller for options.

Leo Leather Journal, $35.00 from Etsy

25. An unconventional graphic and off-the-shoulder fit make this Leo sweater a stand-out hit.

Leos are natural leaders, but sometimes they just want to slip into a comfy old sweatshirt. The boredwalk Etsy shop has just the thing for them.

This vintage-style scoop-neck sweatshirt shows a Leo graphic that you won’t find anywhere else. But even the cool looks of this item don’t compare with how comfortable it is to wear.


It’s made of 8.2-ounce poly-cotton fleece for a classic, washed-and-worn feel. Best of all, its creators are great environmental stewards, too. They hand-print every shirt with water-based inks to keep things natural.

Vintage Leo Scoop Neck Sweatshirt, $45.00 from Etsy

26. Let your style roar with this astrological charm bracelet.

When you think about it, charm bracelets are ideal for celebrating your sign of the zodiac. If your a Leo, that starts with a handsome lion charm. But this pre-loaded charm bracelet doesn’t stop there.


It also includes antiqued silver-plated charms in a night-sky theme, including a sun, a crescent moon, and a shining star. If you want to add more charms, just message Etsy seller PawtasticDesignsGems. They’ll be more than happy to walk you through the options.

Leo Bracelet, $17.00 from Etsy

27. Rock some ’70s style with this vintage Leo pendant.

Astrology was huge in the 1970s. Unfortunately, only a precious few of the star-based jewelry of the era survived for today’s Leos to enjoy.

Here’s one of the best examples. This pendant depicts a quirky lion on an ivory field, decorated with blue stars. In case anyone’s still confused about your star sign, it’s labeled “Leo” in an unmistakably vintage font.


According to seller decotodiscovintage, it’s in great shape. Act fast or some other Leo will snap up this one-of-a-kind necklace!

1970s Leo Pendant, $16.00 from Etsy

28. Light your Leo’s bedroom in the relaxed glow of an LED illusion lamp.

Leos are proud and strong by day, but even they can use a little soothing light when the sun goes down. This 3D illusion lamp glows with seven soft colors, displaying a beautiful tableaux of the lion’s constellation against a stylized night sky.


It works by bending light through a laser-etched acrylic plate. The illusion of three-dimensionality is hard to shake, and Leos of all ages love the effect. Plus, you can charge it via USB, so no need for bulky cables.

3D Optical Leo Night Light, $21.99 from Etsy

29. Looking for a gift for the mystical-minded Leo?

According to Etsy seller SaracenProvisions, each star sign is associated with a range of healing crystals. Leo’s selection is one of the more striking in the collection, and this shop offers three levels of gift sets for those born under the sign of the lion.


The Mini Leo Gift Box includes shimmering pieces of carnelian, clear quartz, and tiger’s eye, along with a thick-stock card describing the crystals and their supposed powers.

Upgrade to the Essential, Deluxe, or Ultimate Leo Gift Sets for more arcane goodies curated just for Leos.

Leo Birthstone Gift Set, $15.30 from Etsy

30. Pull the ultimate power move with Leo-themed cufflinks.

Leos are natural leaders, and sometimes leaders have to pull a power move. And cufflinks are the power move of fashion accessories.

These solid-brass cufflinks depict the lion’s face, a symbol of strength since ancient times. They make great gifts, especially since the Etsy shop SkeltonsTreasures offers free gift wrapping along with the purchase of these handsome cufflinks.


They’re subtle yet striking and equally at home in the boardroom or the dinner club. Let your lion roar.

Lion Cufflinks, $34.50 from Etsy

31. Tap into your Leo power with a crystal bead bracelet.

Stones have power, at least according to an Etsy shop called SoulCafeConnect. And if they’re right, they offer the perfect gift for that special Leo in your life.


The Leo Crystal Power bracelet is an attractive circle of 8-millimeter stone spheres, specially chosen for Leo energy. That includes beads of citrine, tiger’s eye, onyx, and red sardonyx, which just so happen to double as a beautiful combination. Power up today

Leo Crystal Bracelet, $19.78 from Etsy

32. These minimal, recycled silver earrings show off the Leo’s fiery spirit.

Etsy jewelry shop FragmentDesignsEtsy has a treat for the Leos in the crowd. These disc earrings start as a sheet of pure recycled sterling silver. Artisans cut them into discs, smooth out the edges, and delicately drill out the constellation Leo for an understated way to recognize your birth sign.


Also, the shop has these comforting words for us eager shoppers: “All jewelry is bunny-approved, and no bunnies were hurt in the making of this item!”

Good to know, FragmentsDesignsEtsy. Very good to know.

Silver Leo Earrings, $53.78 from Etsy

33. There’s no Leo like a vintage Leo.

Here’s an ideal keychain for the Leo who appreciates a vintage flair. This is no faux-antiqued trinket; each one of these keychains was manufactured in the 1970s.


We have the folks at the diamentdesigns Etsy store to thank for rescuing them for all us modern-day Leos. They feature an aged leather base with a silver-plated zodiac coin on the face. Order soon! Vintage stock like this doesn’t last long.

Leo Leather Keychain, $16.00 from Etsy

34. Celebrate your star sign the Victorian way.

If you’re a Leo who loves Victorian cameo jewelry, you’ve come to the right place. Even if you’re a Scorpio who only wears boho styles, chances are you know a Leo with a taste for vintage accessories—so, right place all around.


This cameo-style ring depicts a noble Leo-the-lion in imitation ivory against an acrylic black background. It’s mounted on an antiqued brass ring. In short? It’s a classic way to let the world know you’re a Leo.

Vintage Leo Cameo Ring, $17.50 from Etsy

35. Bathe like a lion, except not in a muddy puddle (or wherever lions bathe).

This kumquat-scented bath bomb from Etsy seller ExertBeauty hides an incredible surprise for your favorite Leo. Toss it into the bath for a relaxing, skin-softening soak, packed with all-natural nutrients.


At the core of this handmade treat, there’s an extra gift: a beautiful necklace that celebrates your favorite Leo’s star sign. Bath bombs for other zodiac signs are also available here; may as well stock up. You’ll be set for gifts for the whole year.

Leo Bath Bomb with Surprise Necklace, $10.00 from Etsy

36. Channel all your astrological mojo with your birthstone and your sign in one pendant.

If you were born under the sign of Leo, you’re lucky—peridot is your birthstone, and it is gorgeous. That’s why we were so excited to discover KeturahJewellery on Etsy. Visit the shop to check out a Leo constellation pendant decorated with a peridot charm.


The Leo constellation is stamped out of sterling silver, so you’d think this item would cost a fortune. The shop’s prices are very reasonable, though, even if you go for the optional silver “Prince of Wales” chain.

Leo Constellation Pendant, $36.92+ from Etsy

37. Show the world your sign with this gorgeous set of star-inspired earrings.

Leo’s constellation is particularly beautiful in the night sky, but wait until you see it sparkling in gold and gems. These subtle pieces from Etsy creator arionvienna are the perfect gift for the Leo in your life, but if you were born under this sign, watch out: You’re going to want a pair for yourself, even if that means getting your ears pierced for the first time!


The gemstone is zircon, which produces a fantastic twinkle without costing an arm and a leg. The tasteful design is appropriate for all ages, and be sure to check out the rest of this talented jeweler’s offerings when you visit the shop.

Leo Zodiac Earrings, $33.00 from Etsy

38. These nesting dolls are a great gift for that friend who’s Leo through and through.

Within every Leo, there’s another Leo. In fact, it’s Leos all the way down. At least that’s the argument behind this beautiful set of hand-painted nesting dolls. From the proud imagery of the lion to the mysterious beauty of the star sign itself, these five wooden dolls capture the true essence of the lion.


Be sure to check out the other offerings on this amazing Etsy shop, DrawingByTatyana. The creator will make pretty much anything you can imagine into a nesting doll, whether it’s your astrological symbol or your favorite fictional characters.

Leo Nesting Dolls, $27.00 from Etsy

39. This cute Leo ring is unconventional, and that’s why we love it.

Simple, sweet, and remarkably detailed, this ring is made from sterling silver and packaged in a white gift box.


Creator TheJewelryGirlsPlace also offers options for other Zodiac signs, so pick one up for yourself; it makes a great reminder of your friendship with your gift recipient (plus, you know that you sort of want one for yourself, right?).

Leo Zodiac Ring, $16.78 from Etsy

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