32 Unique Gift Ideas Found On Amazon

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What do you get for the friend who has everything? Or the “friend” you don’t really know that well? Luckily, Amazon is host to a wide array of gift ideas that you may never have thought anyone needed, but now that you’re on the other side, they seem like a necessity.

Maybe you’ll even find something you just have to have yourself!

1. Unleash the awesome power of sushi.

Sushi preparation is an ancient art that some chefs have spent their entire lives working to perfect. But who has time for that? Introducing the Sushi Bazooka, a new, easy, and efficient way of creating your favorite meal of raw fish. Blow your friends away with this handy tool.


Simply load the ingredients in the tray and let the Bazooka do the rest, generating perfect rolls of sushi for you and your guests to enjoy. Easy to use and easy to clean, the Sushi Bazooka is dishwasher safe and cheaper than a flight to Tokyo.

Sushi Bazooka, $24.85 from Amazon

2. Never lose anything again.

There’s no worse feeling than losing—and searching aimlessly for—something you value. Luckily, with DynoTag Stickers, you won’t ever have to worry about that again. Simply attach these QR stickers to any item and you’ll be able to access its location through a private webpage from anywhere in the world.


The durable synthetic material used in creating these stickers is waterproof and doesn’t require any kind of battery or charge to operate. After a simple setup, just trigger the “Activate” tab and you’ll never have to worry about where you misplaced your phone, wallet, bike, or even car ever again.

DynoTag Tracking Stickers, $19.95 from Amazon

3. Snag a snail mask today.

Many of us enjoy going to the spa for a nice facial, but we don’t always have the time or money to indulge on a daily basis. Now, with the snail mask, you can save yourself the trip. It may sound strange, but the residue left by the snails is chock full of nutrients that will moisturize your skin, making it smoother than ever.


The rich formula helps prevents cracked skin and produces a natural, radiant look while keeping your skin both soft and tight. This product has been tested by dermatologists for all skin types and is a non-irritant. Simply apply and remove the same way as any other moisturizer and reap the benefits of healthier skin.

Deep Moisturizing Rich Snail Mask, $17.95 from Amazon

4. Discover the magical science of crystals.

For many, science class can be a bit of a snoozefest, but with National Geographic’s Crystal Growing Lab, it can be both fun and informative. Learn about geology while growing an assortment of colorful crystals with detailed information about each of the samples found in the kit. It’s perfect for grade school classrooms and homes alike.


It’s also an excellent way to start a burgeoning hobby of rock collecting. Plus you can impress your friends and family with your newfound knowledge. For added effect, turn off the lights and watch these crystals glow in the dark with an included light-up display.

Mega Crystal Growing Lab, $39.99 from Amazon

5. Your horn will pierce the sky (and your tape)!

For many of us, working in an office can seem like one big sterile, fluorescently lit drag. But it doesn’t have to be. Now you can add a little color and imagination to your workplace with this Unicorn Tape Dispenser. This simple yet colorful contraption will provide plenty of conversation around the office, all while fulfilling both a practical and aesthetic purpose.


The Unicorn Tape Dispenser stands proudly on your desk with a rainbow mane and golden horn, and it includes not one but two rolls of colorful rainbow tape. (Because normal, clear tape is rather boring.) It’s the perfect addition to any workspace.

Unicorn Tape Dispenser, $9.79 from Amazon

6. Try a new desk lamp that travels anywhere.

This collapsible desk lamp can double as a flashlight in moments, folding down to the size of your average smartphone. The lamp is also wire free, making it easy to travel and set up anywhere at any time, holding a charge and providing light while you read or work.


It provides three separate dimming levels, depending on how much light you need, and it’s designed to not bother tired eyes with its state-of-the-art LED technology. It also contains a built-in wall hook, making it easy to set up almost anywhere you can think of. Don’t be left in the dark.

Omnilight LED Desk Lamp, $22.99 from Amazon

7. The alarm that runs away from you.

Come morning time, it can be tempting to just hit the snooze button, roll over, and go back to sleep. But that’s a good way to be late for work. Rather than let that promotion get away from you, let Clocky, the alarm clock on wheels, run away while waking you up.


Before you can turn it off, Clocky will roll away, spin around, and keep making noise until you have no choice but to get out of bed. With an extra loud alarm for heavy sleepers, you’ll never have to worry about oversleeping again. Clocky works on carpet or wood floors and won’t stop until you catch him. So get to bed early, because you’ll be early to rise.

Clocky, the Original Runaway Alarm Clock on Wheels, $39.99 from Amazon

8. Waking up has never felt more natural.

Waking up to an alarm can be quite jarring (ask Clocky), but it doesn’t have to be. With the Philips Wake-Up Light, getting out of bed can be almost pleasant. With this lamp, which steadily increases the amount of light before you wake up, sleepers will find themselves waking up much more naturally than with their old, loud alarm.


Ninety-two percent of users claim to be more refreshed using the Philips light than with their old alarm clock, reported the manufacturer, and it’s easy to see why. You can even use its dimming feature while going to sleep, and it also includes five calming sounds that can be silenced with a tap-to-snooze feature.

Phillips Wake-Up Light, $97.95 from Amazon

9. Be sure to pass the test on time.

Whether you’re great at math or you simply want other people to think you are, this is the perfect clock for you. Every hour contains an equation, the answer to which will provide the time of day. Perfect for teachers or students alike, this clock will make you work to discover what time it really is by providing challenging and fun brain exercises.


While it may give some of us less mathematically inclined folks a bit of a headache, anyone who works with numbers can appreciate the genius of the Pop Quiz Clock. Just be sure to keep a calculator handy.

Metal Mathematics Pop Quiz Clock, $21.54 from Amazon

10. Connect the past and present.

It’s time to bring those dusty old speakers into the 21st century with these wireless Bluetooth receivers. This electronic device allows you to use traditional speakers with 4.0 Bluetooth capability and an advertised streaming range of 33 feet.


Easy to adapt, the Bluetooth receiver works with home theaters, stereo systems, and even car stereos. They’re able to run up to 10 hours, and the adapters are easy to use and easy to recharge. The small, lightweight design also enables you to bring it anywhere, so you’re not restricted to your own devices. Simply connect them and rock out, anywhere and anytime.

Unify Rover Beats Bluetooth Receiver, $22.79 from Amazon

11. Fear no beard with this trimmer.

For years, men have been searching for the most effective way to shape, trim, or eliminate their facial hair. With the Beard Bro, it’s never been easier to get that crisp look you’ve always wanted and eradicate those pesky stray hairs.


It can be used for either short or long beards, achieving a level of symmetry and accuracy that may have been missing from your look. Be sure to check out the online video that shows the best way to use the Beard Bro for a variety of styling choices. You’ll be shaped up and clean cut in no time.

The Beard Bro, $8.75 from Amazon

12. Clean the brush that cleans your mouth.

Let’s face it, if we knew how much bacteria is accumulating on the toothbrush we use every morning, we’d be pretty horrified. Luckily, with the Violife Toothbrush Sanitizer, you can eliminate 99 percent of those pesky germs, resulting in a healthier and cleaner mouth.


The compact case is easy to use and compatible with manual and most electronic toothbrushes. Its simple, one-button activation enables the cleaning device to shut off after seven minutes. Brush with peace of mind, using the power of UV light to get rid of the nastiness that accumulates from leaving your toothbrush out on the sink after repeated use.

Violife Toothbrush Sanitizer, $29.95 from Amazon

13. Smell ya later.

This bottle will come in handy on the go, especially if you suddenly have the urge to go. Simply spray the bowl with a light spritz before doing any business, and the world will be none the wiser. Poo-Pourri is non-toxic and scientifically tested to minimize the smells that might arise when visiting either your own or someone else’s bathroom.


Plus, the little bottle goes a long way, containing up to 200 uses before running empty. The small size also enables you to carry it in your purse or pocket, wherever you might go. After all, the nose knows.

Poo-Pourri, $11.99 from Amazon

14. Find a new deep-cleaning experience.

You only get one face. Well, unless you indulge in some plastic surgery, but who wants to go through the trouble? With the TONYMOLY Steam Balm, your face will feel refreshed and revitalized on a daily basis.


The Koreans seem to have the market cornered on trendy skincare, and this balm is no exception, completely removing dead skin cells, sebum, and all the other unpleasant and unwanted stuff found in pores. This heated balm targets the pores directly, removing blackheads and leaving your skin smoother and tighter than before. Stop wasting time and attack those impurities today.

TONYMOLY Egg Pore Blackhead Steam Balm, $14.00 from Amazon

15. Never worry about spilling again.

Many of us have, at one time or another, experienced the pain of spilling something either on the ground or on ourselves at an inopportune time. Wouldn’t it be great if there was some way to avoid such a disaster? Well the Universal Cup Lid may be the answer.


This stretchable and reusable cup lid is designed to fit almost any drinking container. The pliable material also keeps it from breaking or cracking, so you won’t have to worry about leaks down the line. Perfect for children and adults alike, it even works on most coffee mugs. So whether you’re transitioning from sippy cups or carrying a hot beverage to the office, this universal lid should do the trick.

GreenPaxx Universal Cup Lid, $11.95 on Amazon

16. Get some prehistoric fun for everyone.

For years, dinosaurs have captured the imagination of children and adults alike. Now, with these six distinctive molds, you can create your own dinosaur pops that will entertain your guests, regardless of their age.


Whether you’re a tyrannosaurus rex aficionado or a triceratops fan, you and your friends can use these molds to make popsicles or candy. Or you can be creative and mix and match to create your own dinosaur creation, à la Jurassic Park. Easy to use and easy to clean, each mold includes a stick with its own a drip guard so you can avoid making a mess on hot summer days.

Zuko Dino Pop Molds, $24.99 from Amazon

17. If Ryan Gosling made tea, this would be it.

Getting sick is an unfortunate reality of life. For those who claim to never fall ill: We know that, in reality, you’re just better at toughing it out. The rest of us need all the help we can get. Luckily, Hey Girl Tea is here to help fight off that stubborn cold or flu.


Its natural blend of immune-boosting herbs and antioxidants is designed to soothe and relieve all the unpleasantness of being sick. It also goes down smoother than pills or chewable gummies that can be harsh on your already sore throat. Created with women in mind, this is the perfect remedy to give your mom, sister, or loved one in their time of need.

Hey Girl Feel Better Herbal Tea, $16.99 from Amazon

18. Don’t overthink it when you shrink it.

There’s no worse feeling than pulling your favorite wool sweater from the dryer and realizing it’s suddenly two sizes too small. Unshrinkit helps rectify those unfortunate mistakes. By applying the hand-safe solution, you’ll have an easier time reformatting that old Christmas sweater.


Unshrinkit interacts with the proteins in the fabric to relax the bonds and make the material more flexible. Unfortunately, it won’t work on felted or tight knitted fabrics, but hey, it’s not a cure-all. That being said, it’ll still keep your socks and any other wool items from bunching up and becoming unwearable. Try it for yourself.

Unshrinkit U2-01 Unshrinking Solution, $11.99 from Amazon

19. Fall into a peaceful sleep.

More and more people use white noise as a method of falling asleep. Whether you use electronics, a fan, or a humidifier to provide a little extra relaxation when snoozing at home, it can be difficult to take your sleep aid with you while traveling. The Lectrofan Micro Wireless Sleep Sound Machine is built just for these occasions.


This small wireless device is easy to bring along if you’re staying in a hotel away from home. In addition to the 10 sounds for sleep and relaxation, it has built-in Bluetooth and is capable of streaming music for up to 6 hours on a single charge. Plus, the swivel design allows you to project the music or noise however you want for maximum effect.

LectroFan Micro Wireless Sleep Sound Machine and Bluetooth Speaker, $26.24 from Amazon

20. Stretch it out.

Infinity is endless, much like the number of uses for this workout strap. Its state-of-the-art material is designed to be resistant enough so that it stretches just like the human body. It’s simple and easy to use in all settings and makes no noise, unlike a lot of other exercise equipment.


So whether you’re interested in yoga, physical therapy, or strength training, the Infinity Strap will help you reach your goals. Its design is perfectly symmetrical and balanced, which means you’ll get an even workout. The loops always remain open, making them easy to grip and safe to use. You’ll be more flexible in no time.

Infinity Strap, $16.99 and up from Amazon

21. Look to the stars.

Since the dawn of humanity, we have been fascinated with the stars in the sky. Now you can bring the night sky to your bedroom ceiling. This is perfect for parents of small children looking to add a soothing night light that will help their baby drift off to sleep.


You can set it for up to 95 minutes, depending on how long it takes your child to fall asleep. You can also remove the colorful cover and use it as a night light for kids who are afraid of the dark. It also works for adults looking to bring a little starry romance to the room during a night in.

Lighting Night Light, $21.99 with Amazon Prime

22. Forgot to thaw dinner? Try the Claw.

Wouldn’t it would be great if we could just pull meat from the freezer and throw it on a hot pan? Unfortunately, that’s not the case (at least, for those of us who don’t want food poisoning). The protein part of our meal needs hours to thaw out. Luckily, with the Thaw Claw, you can defrost your frozen meat quickly and safely.

Thaw Claw

Meat thaws out faster under water, but it takes time, and you don’t want to be standing there holding it forever. All you need to do is attach the Thaw Claw’s suction cup to the sink, fill the sink halfway with water, and secure the meat under the claw. The manufacturer promises a complete defrost seven times faster than a conventional defrosting process. So, who’s hungry?

Thaw Claw, $10.99 on Amazon

23. Dachshunds! Dachshunds! We got dachshunds here!

Designed with dog-lovers in mind, these Dachsund Ice Molds will make a perfect gag gift for anyone with a little sausage pup. Make up to nine doggy ice cubes per batch to toss in your summer beverage. Easy to use, these canine-themed cube trays are made of silicone, so they won’t crack when you free your icy pups—and they’re also dishwasher safe.



So whether you’re throwing a graduation party or hosting New Year’s Eve, these dachshund ice trays are the way to go. They’re perfect for the wiener dog–lover in your life, so order one today so you don’t miss out on a barking good time.

LYWUU Dachshund Dog Shaped Silicone Ice Cube Molds and Tray, $6.99 from Amazon

24. Here’s how you can hang your bag on the go.

Imagine going to the bathroom with a large purse and no hook to hang it on. Sure, you could put in on the dirty floor, but who wants that? With the Clipa2 Instant Bag Hanger, you can hang that handbag or backpack anywhere you can clip it.


The new design has improved its bag-hanging capabilities with a wider opening than the original Clipa, offering more hanging possibilities. Plus it’s made with high-strength metal, meaning it won’t break (even under added weight) and lasts for 10 years. It also comes in multiple colors, so you can pick whatever fits your personality best. No need to hang around, just grab your bag clip and go!

Clipa2 – The Instant Bag Hanger Collection, $15.95 from Amazon

25. Take your work anywhere.

No one likes having to work outside of the office, but more often than not it’s an unfortunate part of daily life for the white-collared warrior. This foldable keyboard means that working on the go will be easier than ever.


The tri-fold design makes packing and carrying a breeze, and its magnetically powered on–off switch will help save your battery’s life. Plus, its smooth, sleek appearance gives it a real professional look so you can walk into any business meeting feeling confident. Supported by Mac, Windows, and a host of other systems, this keyboard is almost endlessly adaptable.

Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard, $32.99 from Amazon

26. Bring the chalkboard to the world.

Chalkboards and globes might be a thing of the past as far as practical use in classrooms, but both remain enduring symbols of the education system in general. So what better way to honor the more informative memories from your childhood than displaying this chalkboard and globe combo?


The sturdy base and stylish design make this globe a perfect desk accessory. Grab some chalk to make little vacation notes, or create your own private island in the Pacific. Whether you love geography or simply love to travel, the globe can help you find your next destination, wherever that may be.

Stratton Home Decor Chalkboard Globe, $49.45 from Amazon

27. Save your seat wherever you go.

The older we get, the more uncomfortable everything seems to become. Whether you’re working in an office or sitting at the dinner table, aches and pains can gnaw at your back and joints. But with the ComfiLife Orthopedic Coccyx and Posture Support Cushion, you’ll have additional support that contours specifically to your body.


Its comfortable and malleable material can prevent numbness and pain that often comes from sitting for long periods. Much like a memory foam mattress, this cushion shapes itself to your posture and won’t flatten over time.

ComfiLife Orthopedic Coccyx and Posture Support Cushion, $29.95 from Amazon

28. Protect your food from the great outdoors.

Everyone loves a good summer barbecue. Friends and family congregate to enjoy whatever it is you’re cooking on the grill. One downside of eating outside, however, is the invasion of pesky flies that swarm your plate before you can even take the first bite.


Chefast Food Cover Tents can help with that. Instead of letting your hot dogs and hamburgers be assaulted by annoying bugs, cover them up with this specially designed mesh tent. The high-quality material will keep even the most persistent insects away, and you’ll be able to get on with your outdoor fun.

Chefast Food Cover Tents, $15.95 from Amazon

29. Enjoy leftovers on the go.

Everyone loves a good old-fashioned home-cooked meal, but we shouldn’t turn our noses up at the undeniable help microwaves can give us. Whether you’re cooking up a can of vegetables for tonight’s dinner or reheating the pasta from the night before, this microwavable steamer is perfect for people in a hurry.


The cover includes an adjustable steam vent that, when open, allows steam to escape while it’s cooking. Once it’s out of the microwave, it can be closed to keep your food warm and moist. The steamer and its lid are dishwasher safe, making cleanup quick and easy. Although it’s marketed as a fish and veggie steamer, it can be safely used with all kinds of food.

Prep Solutions by Progressive Microwavable Fish and Veggie Steamer, $9.99 from Amazon

30. Get all the support you need.

It can be tough staying motivated and hitting the gym on a regular basis. It’s even more difficult making sure you’re keeping everything on your body in place while you’re on the treadmill. These Glamorise No Bounce Sports Bras should at least help with the latter.


Made with fuller-busted women in mind, the fabric is specifically designed to stay dry and comfortable, even during the most strenuous of workouts. Plus, its two-way stretch design moves with your body, so it won’t ride up unexpectedly. Workouts are hard enough without having to worry about any other unnecessary movement, so try this out.

Glamorise Women’s Full Figure No-Bounce Camisole Wirefree Sports Bra, $23.00 and up from Amazon

31. Sleep tight with this white noise machine.

It can be difficult to fall asleep sometimes, especially when every little creak or bump in the night jars you awake. However, with this unobtrusive noise machine, you’ll be drifting off to dreamland in no time. It provides a consistent whooshing noise for your brain to focus on while it shuts down for the night, drowning out all other distracting noises.


It’s perfect for families with small children; you will no longer have to worry about sneaking around your own bedroom and risk waking a crying baby. Adjust the volume as you see fit and get the good night’s sleep you deserve.

Marpac Dohm White Noise Machine, $49.90 from Amazon

32. Shark Week comes home.

It’s time to put aside those old blankets or sleeping bags and hop into a new shark tail. These wonderfully knitted Shark Tail blankets will make your kid the coolest fish in the sea. Whether you fancy yourself a shark or a mermaid, these blankets are perfect for boys and girls alike.


No matter if you’re reading, watching TV, camping, or just hanging out, there’s a shark or mermaid tail for every occasion. The wide opening makes for easy access, and you won’t have to worry about getting stuck. With these shark tail blankets, Shark Week can now be a year-round event.

Handcrafted Shark Tail Blanket, $13.99 and up from Amazon

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