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8 Movies With Plot Holes That Completely Ruined Everything (And How To Fix Them)

Serious film buffs get joy not just from watching movies—they also love picking them apart and looking for plot holes. We’ve rounded up eight of the biggest offenders for your gloating pleasure.

Dog Behaviors Explained: What Panting, Shaking, And Scratching Means For Your Pup

How well do you pay attention to your dog's behavior? Some scratching and panting is fine, in moderation. In excess, they could be signs of something more dangerous for your dog.

8 Classic Movies That Are Hard To Watch Today

They don't make films like they used to. Sometimes, that's a good thing.

9 Foreign Films That Did Not Translate Well As American Remakes

Johnny Depp? Nicolas Cage? Chris Rock? Stars like this should be able to sell successful foreign films to American audiences, right? Well…

6 Movie Moments That Broke The Hearts Of Every ’90s Kid

If you grew up in the '90s, we only need to write the word "Artax" to make you cry. Revisit some of the saddest movie moments from your childhood.

Classic Movies Reimagined With Actors Who Turned Down The Role

What if Nicolas Cage was Superman? Could Will Smith pull off Neo in "The Matrix?" We engage in some wild speculation.

14 Film Facts That Are Totally Legit (But Sound Made Up)

Hollywood operates on its own set of rules. These facts about your favorite movies seem totally fake, but they're pretty normal for Hollywood.

Video Games That Aren’t Art: 7 Moments That Ruin Great Games

Some games are beautiful works of art that inspire awe. Some games are not. Here are seven times when otherwise good games almost stuck the landing.

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