Man sitting very upright on a bench
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Those who sit upright in chairs tend to be powerful, headstrong people. They are natural leaders who like to be in control of any situation. These people are also good communicators who are reliable in even the most difficult circumstances.

Leaning back

Man and woman leaning back, with coffee mugs and comfy clothes
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Leaning back means you’re more analytical. This position allows you to be an observe and pay attention to everything around you. You’re probably more cautious and caring.

Leaning forward

Man leaning forward, sitting on a bech
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This is the exact opposite of leaning back. These people tend to sit further back on the chair, but then lean forward with their elbows on their knees.

Sitting with your legs together is similar to the upright position, but these people keep their legs tightly closed. That gives them the appearance of being cold and aloof.

While that might be true at first, these people really open up when you get to know them. They are very organized, straightforward individuals who are also very warm and caring to those who earn their trust.

Legs crossed

Man sitting on couch with legs crossed
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Many people find sitting with their legs crossed to be most comfortable for them. Both men and women may choose to sit this way.

Hands locked together

Man sitting in chair with hands clasped together
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Some people choose to sit back in the chair with their hands locked together on their lap. This is not a very common position, but it’s one that reveals some interesting traits about the person.

People who sit this way tend to be open and amiable. They are full of positive energy and tend to draw people in. They also tend to inspire others.

Hands wedged between legs

Woman sitting on park bench
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There are those who firmly place their hands between their legs, wedged tightly between their knees. These people tend to be open to hearing the problems of others.

Those who sit this way also tend to be sensitive and good-natured, going out of their way to help people in need. They can be shy, however, so it may be difficult to get to know them.