The Faces Behind The Monsters: See What’s Really Under The Mask!

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Behind every movie monster is an actor that doesn’t share his character’s cannibalistic or sadistic tendencies. For instance, Gunnar Hansen played Leatherface in the original Texas Chain Saw Massacre. In reality Hansen was an accomplished author and not a chainsaw-wielding maniac.

In those films where we never see the character with his mask off, you can only imagine who is behind the facade. Now we’re going to reveal who was really behind some of the most infamous masked monsters.

1. Michael Myers

Halloween was one of the creepiest movies of all time, though it went on to spawn a glut of not-so-good sequels. The minimalist soundtrack (which was composed and performed by the film’s director John Carpenter) and the simple, white mask made this movie a terrifying masterpiece.

The man behind the mask was Nick Castle, a friend of Carpenter’s. Castle was reportedly paid just $25 per day for his work. In scenes where Michael Myers was shown without the mask, actor Tony Moran was used.

Classic Movie Monsters

You may be surprised to learn that the mask was created by modifying a cheap Captain Kirk mask from a Halloween shop. All these years later, it’s still one of the creepiest faces we can picture.

2. The Night King

This icy character from Game of Thrones hasn’t had any lines, but he’s still terrifying. We can’t wait to see the ultimate showdown between his wights and the men of the Night’s Watch (and everyone else in Westeros).


The actor behind the monster is Richard Brake, who you wouldn’t even recognize without his horns and other alterations.


Brake is no stranger to playing bad guys, as his breakout role was as Joe Chill, the gangster who killed Bruce Wayne’s parents in Batman Begins.

3. Bolaji Badejo

The first Alien film was made in 1979, long before CGI allowed directors free reign with effects. So to achieve his vision of the tall and wiry creatures, director Ridley Scott needed someone with the proper body type.

20th Century Fox

He is said to have asked casting agent Peter Ardram to find someone tall and insect-like. Ardram came across Bolaji Badejo in a London pub, and immediately knew the 6’10” man was perfect for the part.

Mike Sibthorp (via CNN)

Badejo was a Nigerian-born design student who had never acted before. Sadly, he died at the young age of 39, and never appeared in another movie. Still, his one performance was utterly unforgettable.

4. Jason Voorhees

Richard Brooker played Jason Voorhees in Friday the 13th Part III. Though Jason’s creepy hockey mask is now thoroughly associated with the franchise, it didn’t appear until the third installment.

Dark Universe

Brooker was an English actor who also had experience as a trapeze artist.


He only starred in Part III, but he would continue going to horror conventions to meet fans until his death in 2013.

5. The Gimp

Pulp Fiction has about a thousand memorable moments. From Vincent accidentally killing Marvin to Mia’s resuscitation, the film had surprises at every turn.


Still, most of us weren’t prepared for the Gimp. Stephen Hibbert played the mostly silent character who was completely decked out in a leather suit and mask. We won’t spoil the scene in case you haven’t seen it yet, but suffice to say, it’s memorable.

Ronnie Butler (via NPR)

Hibbert is an English actor and was married for several years to Pulp Fiction co-star Julia Sweeney. Though he’s been in many more movies and shows since, he’s still most famous for being the Gimp.

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