The tiny house trend continues to gain steam as people focus on decreasing their carbon footprints and doing more with less. As smaller dwellings become more common, people are learning how to use space more wisely.

Here is a great example of a tiny-house owner maximizing the space they have to create a gorgeous home. From the outside, you can tell that the home was created out of a shipping container, but reserve your judgement for after you see inside.

You’ll also notice an often-overlooked advantage of having a tiny home–the increased space on your lot. Those who only use a small portion of their property for a home have much more space outside for relaxing, gardening, or whatever outside activity they enjoy. It’s a big perk that never everyone gets to have.

Taking a step inside the house, you can immediately see how organization is key. Using every bit of vertical space and even hangers on the wall helps fit everything you need in a small home.

Many tiny houses have less than ideal kitchens. They may use toaster ovens or hot plates to save room. This modern tiny home has a full-sized stove, oven, and refrigerator. While there is certainly less cabinet space than the average house, there is still ample room for the necessities.

The house is located in Beaumont, Texas, though it can be shipped anywhere. That’s one large advantage of making a shipping container into a tiny home. You can move it on a truck with minimal preparation. 

The living room is small, but it’s big enough for a love seat and television. As is the case with most tiny houses, every room is right next to the next one. There is very little unused space connecting the kitchen to the living room. Every bit of space counts, so owners use it all for something practical.

The bedroom may seem a little claustrophobic to people who are used to larger homes. Being walled-in on three sides might bother some people, but others will simply think of it as being cozy.

When you live in a tiny house, there are major sacrifices you must make. A mirror on the wall makes the room look slightly bigger, but in the end, tiny houses have tiny master bedrooms.

What this means on a practical level is that every room will have several purposes. When the owner gets dressed in the morning, they will likely do so in the living room. Each space has a specific purpose, but must also be multi-functional.

Inhabitants of tiny homes must be adaptable and willing to sacrifice some of the luxuries they are used to. People who have lived in tiny homes for several years report that they simply stop buying new things. They know that there is no room to store them, so they just do without. 

If that sounds like something you could handle, check out the virtual tour of this luxurious tiny house. For just $50,000 plus shipping it could be yours in the near future.

We’re excited to see the tiny house movement continue to grow and become even more affordable. This shipping-container home is s a great example of how to modify an existing space into a beautiful tiny home.