Nothing feels better than spoiling the one you love. Check out these 10 products that make life funner, comfier, and easier for you and your fur baby.

1. Snoozer Cozy Cave Pet Bed

Winter is Coming! Protect your dire wolf with this fleece nesting dog bed. Pups can lay on top of the cool poly/cotton cover on warmer days. Cover can be washed and dried on low heat.

Get it here in a variety of colors and sizes.

2. 12-Pack Gift Set

This variety pack is perfect for teething puppies with a destructive streak. Great for tug of war or solo chewing.

Get it here.

Key Review: “My dog loves to chew up everything. So I bought these gift for her. The price is very worth for it and being the quality is sturdy and wonderful. They are all different and great! My g3rls love these toy, and spend all day playing tug of war and keep away with them. Trust me, u won’t be disappointed” – Andrea T. Collier

4. Hide-A-Squirrel Puzzle Toy

Occupy your pups by hiding squeaky squirrels in a log. Your dog will never feel so important as when she’s on the job hunting plush vermin.

Get it here.

Key Review: “Great for dogs who like to dig. My little Chihuahua loves to hunt and dig for things. If I hide a toy he’d love to go and find it. I got this to help with his development and he absolutely loves this toy. He gets so excited when I put the squirrels in and he just digs and pulls and throws it around trying to get them out and is so happy when he does. If you have a dog that is very destructive and will rip fabric apart it isn’t for them but ones that like to play and throw things around and don’t destroy it’s great.”

5. Nylabone Textured Ring Dog Chew

This nylon toy cleans your dog’s teeth and gums while keeping him from destroying your furniture.

Get it here.

Key Review: “We love this chew toy for our aggressive chewer. He takes them around the house with him from room to room. Keeps him busy and out of trouble.” – Frank

6. Collapsible Pet Bowls

Sure, your dog doesn’t care what kind of bowl you buy him. But he will appreciate the extra hiking and road trips that these collapsible bowls enable.

Buy a set of 2 here.

Key Review: “Love the bowls, great for travel. I like that you can attach them to the leash or backpack.” – Kyla

7. Swimming Pool/ Bathtub

This collapsible container makes bathing easy or provides a cooling pool for smaller dogs.

Get it here.

Key review: “My dog loves this pool and so do I. It’s compact enough the take anywhere and fold up. It fills easily- and empties just as quick. My small dog loves hopping over the top and into the water- and out again.Not having to blow it up makes me very happy!” – L Wong

8. Richard’s Organics Pet Calm, 2 oz.

Treat anxiety with this natural remedy. Contains valerian, chamomile, and other natural ingredients.

Get it here.

Key Review: “My new puppy was so hyper I needed something natural and safe to help her calm down at night… this product worked wonderfully and she loves it.” – Stella2017