Nobody Can Figure Out This 5-Year-Olds Homework Assignment

A 5-year-old’s spelling homework is confusing just about everyone on the internet.

And we’ve got the answer, but first, let’s take a look at the assignment in question.

This comes from Royce Winnick, a very confused mother who tried to help her daughter complete a homework assignment. When Royce offered to help, she didn’t think that she’d be facing much of a chlalenge. Hey, after all, what adult can’t spell at a first-grade level…right?

Well, here’s the assignment in question. Good luck.

Royce Winnick

You’re supposed to figure out what word describes those rabbits, and if you’re like us, you were immediately stumped; what word for rabbits starts with the letter “t?”

Royce posted the photo online and quickly received a few suggestions from dozens of internet strangers. The photo went viral, but the mystery wasn’t solved very easily. In fact, after reading the teacher’s answer, we’ve got more questions than ever before.


Royce’s daughter didn’t lose any credit for her incorrect answer, since, well, this is just about the most difficult assignment a 6-year-old has ever received (well, not really, but we’ll explain more about that in a second).

We thought the assignment was ridiculous for a 5-year-old,” Royce told POPSUGAR. “I wrote the teacher about the assignment and her response was that she will be writing to the publisher about a few of these pictures.

Royce Winnick

This isn’t the first time that the internet’s been stumped by first-grade homework.

And this next assignment is even more devious. It includes math—and before you go on a Common Core rant, we’re not going to touch that subject.

But when the Holderness family posted this photo on Facebook, they thought they’d get a clear, concise explanation from a well-meaning adult. Instead, they confused the entire internet.

The Holderness Family/Facebook

Uh, right. 

This fairly complex math problem came at the end of a lesson, and as with the previous assignment, there’s no clear answer. We’ll give you the most common answer, but first, we’ll let you take a closer look at the paper in case you want to try to figure it out for yourself. 

We’ll warn you, though: This isn’t exactly appropriate for a first-grade level.


The most common answer is J (14), because the sides then add up to 40. Yeah, it’s confusing. 

Fortunately, the Holderness family took their academic defeat in stride. They reached out to the teacher and asked for clarification; since this item was at the end of the lesson, it was actually for extra credit. The purpose is to encourage students to think in a different way and to use mathematics in real-world situations.

Ultimately, we get it, but we still think it’s not quite right for a first grader. Then again, math was never our strongest subject.

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