Genius Travel Hacks From People Who Travel A Lot

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Traveling can be grueling, especially if you’re doing it wrong. If you travel occasionally, you may not have perfected the art just yet.


We’ve collected tips from jet setters who fly frequently and know just what to bring for a stress-free trip. Here’s what they have to say:

1. Snap a photo of important documents.

In the old days, we encouraged people to make photocopies of their passports, driver’s licenses, and hotel confirmations. Now, you can simply take a photo of these documents with your phone.


For an added guarantee that you’ll have access to them, make sure to store them in the cloud. That way, if you lose your passport and your phone, you can pull up the photo and save time getting a replacement passport.

2. Couples can choose the aisle and window seats and still sit together.

This is an oldie but a goodie. By choosing the aisle and window seats, you increase your chances of getting the whole row to yourselves.

If someone else does get the middle seat, just ask if they want to switch with one of you. People will almost always prefer to take one of the outer seats instead of the middle.

3. Use a glasses case for your phone charger and ear buds.

A key to hassle-free traveling is staying as organized as possible. That means corralling cords that might get lost, tangled, or knotted.


A glasses case is an excellent way to keep essential cords separate and easy to fetch. You’ll save time, stay organized, and increase the lifespan of your cords by keeping them safely coiled.

To reinforce and repair those pricey cords, check out these hacks!

4. Bring one main outfit.

Bringing an outfit for every possible occasion is tempting. We want our trips to be perfect, and we hate the thought of being inappropriately dressed for a particular situation.


However, finding an outfit that will work for most occasions can save tons of room. You can wear it on the plane and only have to pack minimal accessories.

If you reduce your luggage enough, you can skip checking a bag and travel quickly and lightly. Not lugging around suitcases can drastically improve a trip.

These packing tips will help you save space, reduce wrinkles, and stay organized:

5. Research your destination beforehand.

This one should be a no-brainer, but lots of people prefer to go somewhere and explore. There’s nothing wrong with this mentality, but you might discover interesting spots if you purchase a guidebook beforehand.


Researching ahead of time is also a great way to build anticipation and excitement for the trip. You can highlight neighborhoods, sites, or restaurants you want to visit, and add notes for future trips once you visit them. Wandering can be fun, but a guided journey can help you see the things you’ll undoubtedly enjoy.

If there’s one thing that ties all these tips together, it’s preparation. By spending a little extra time beforehand to optimize your packing and flying, you’ll ensure that your journey is stress-free. Reducing potential problems guarantees that you can focus your attention on your exciting adventure instead of worrying about what could go wrong.

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