Feel The Music Even Deeper With, Wait, What? A Backpack?!

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There’s one piece of gear that’s indispensable for a week-long outdoor festival or an all-night dance party: a backpack.

Well, throw out that ratty old bag from high school, because someone just invented a backpack that can actually enhance your experience of music—physically. You know that moment right after the drop, when the speakers are, like, reaching out to give your ribs a handshake? This backpack makes that feeling even more intense.


That’s because one company that loves to rock implanted slapping bass boosters in the frame of a freaking knapsack. It’s called Baserock. It was designed by that lady twerking next to you at EDC and the guy you saw stepping at Bloc and about 6,000 other hardcore music fans who crowd-sourced “every design decision at Baserock,” according to the company’s Kickstarter page.


To be clear, the bass vibrations in this thing face inward, directly into your back. An integrated microphone grabs the DJ’s beat and shoots it right through you. You might’ve heard people talk about being “inside the music.” Baserock makes that literally possible.

Call us crazy, but we’re not sure we’d want to throw down the $200-plus Baserock’s asking on its Kickstarter page if we were only going to wear the thing at shows and festivals. Like most music fans, the bulk of our listening is done solo—biking to work, catching up on Insta at the coffee shop, or just chilling at home.

As far as we can tell from the promos, this thing offers three ways to get the bass pumping:

1. Through Your Favorite Headphones

Plug in your phone, throw on a track, and get amphitheater-quality bass thumps without disturbing the fella next to you at the library. Those bass beats won’t shoot out into anyone else’s ears because they’ll be too busy bouncing around your own delighted rib cage. Shoot. You can even use ear buds; we won’t tell.


2. With a Portable Speaker

You know how auxiliary cords work. Baserock throws one in—gratis, by the way. Plug it into your best portable speaker (or, hey, why not the stereo system itself?) and share the fun in your living room. Just get ready to pass Baserock around, because everyone’s going to want to experience this.


3. Via the Integrated Mic

Music at home is great, but the live dance scene is what it’s really all about. Baserock’s microphone grabs the beat in real time to pulse through you at the club or festival. Plus, this backpack’s got style. Don’t pretend that’s not important.


Get this: Baserock can also keep you hydrated throughout a long night on the dance floor. A 2-liter, BPA-free water reservoir connects to a leak-proof drinking tube. The thing’s even got an easy-twist shut-off valve at the tip.


When you’re not worried about fluids, you can remove the whole system for extra storage space.

Sounds awesome. Where can we get one?

Wait, though, we haven’t even mentioned the breathable padded shoulder straps—perfect for the dance floor—or the backpacking-grade hip strap that’d thrill an Eagle Scout. Or the water resistant construction. Or the fact that every element of Baserock was overseen by experts with decades of experience in electronics manufacturing, backpack design, and just plain being awesome.


To answer your question, though, right now the only way to get your hands on one of these things is through their Kickstarter page. This is probably the lowest price we’ll ever see, so if you’re tempted, now’s the time to throw down your support.

If you see us on the dance floor, though, don’t ask to borrow our Baserock. We’ll be too blissed out to give it up.

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