Wearable Bass Technology and Portable Hydration in a Sleek New Backpack

A new backpack technology is revolutionizing music festivals.

Say you’re at Coachella, or Bonnaroo, or a Burning Man Regional. It’s hot, you’re exhausted from dancing, and there isn’t a water station in sight.

Enter the hydration backpack. But what if you could have a backpack that did even more—one that could maintain steady hydration and improve the concert experience? A backpack that could get the music even closer, matching your favorite bands and DJs on stage with a bass boost that you can actually feel?

That’s what Baserock is all about. Welcome to the future of wearable, live-music enhancement.

Baserock Basics: Hydration, Storage, Fashion, and Bass Vibration

A pair of music lovers dreamed up Baserock to fill the void in their own festival-going experiences. They lived for live music but wanted to be even more immersed in their favorite shows.

Their new backpack had to include a 2-liter, BPA-free hydration reservoirs with a leak-proof drinking tube. Lightweight construction and a generous 16 liters of storage were a must.


Style was also key. That’s why Baserock creators Jared Becker and Gannon Daynes hired a team of experienced designers, backed up by the crowd-sourced decisions of 6,000-plus music lovers, to make sure the design looked great.

But the real step forward in music technology comes from Baserock’s all-new bass boosters.

The Baserock packs a pair of responsive vibrating transducers into the back lining. When the bass drum kicks on stage, an integrated microphone picks it up and the system responds by activating the transducers, humming along with the beat in real time.


You’ll feel the result deep in your chest. The immersive quality of the bass vibrations creates a whole-body experience, perfect for EDM fans and dancers of all stripes. Wearing the Baserock at a live performance is the next best thing to being onstage.

An included auxiliary cord lets you plug and play with your favorite device, too. Rock out solo at the library or plug in speakers to share with your friends. The vibrating elements in the Baserock work silently, delivering a music-matching bass beat without disturbing neighbors.


Cutting-Edge Electronics in a Comfortable, Durable Backpack

Becker and Daynes knew the Baserock would have to stand up to the rigors of the festival circuit. The electronics would have to be virtually invincible. They brought in electronics designer James May, who’s been in the field for 35 years, to head the design team.

May and his team devised a proprietary system that combines dual-tactile transducers, a long-lasting rechargeable Li-Ion battery, and simple controls to dial in your ideal level of intensity. A pair of enclosures contain and protect all electronics to resist impacts and moisture. Sweat all you want; the bass will keep kicking.


For now, the only way to sign up for your very own Baserock is to donate on the company’s Kickstarter page. Estimated delivery begins in February 2018, but don’t wait until the Baserock hits the open market; now is your only chance to be an early adopter of the most exciting advancement in music technology since the portable mp3 player.

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