Before medical science advanced, our grandparents relied on home remedies to treat various ailments. While some of these sound strange, many actually worked. Here are some of the most bizarre home remedies that our grandparents actually used that really do work.

1) Celery for bad breath.

Before chewing gum was invented, people would chew small pieces of celery to get rid of bad breath. This actually works because it keeps your mouth hydrated, which can prevent halitosis.

2) Gin and raisins to fight arthritis.

Our grandparents would soak golden raisins in gin overnight, allowing the raisins to soak up the gin. The raisins and the juniper in the gin reduce inflammation, which can reduce the pain associated with arthritis.

3) Lemon juice to reduce earaches.

If you have an earache, drip a few drops of lemon juice into your ear, then wipe it out with a Q-tip. The juice will help balance the pH in your ear and help remove the bacteria that may be causing this discomfort.

4) Yams to help with menopause.

Yams can help women going through menopause. The vitamin A in yams will help balance your hormones and make this transition a little more comfortable. Just make sure you’re eating yams and not sweet potatoes.

5) Herbal tea to prevent hair loss.

Nettle or horsetail herbal tea were used to prevent hair loss in men. That’s because the silica found in these teas can strengthen your hair tissue and make your head of hair look fuller. Be careful with this, as too much silica can actually be toxic.

6) Olives to help with motion sickness.

When we have motion sickness, our mouths produce too much saliva, which makes us feel more nauseous. The tannin in olives can dry out your mouth, preventing you from throwing up.

7) Baking soda to help with urinary tract infections.

To help with a UTI, take a tiny sprinkle of baking soda and add it to water. That will make it harder for the painful bacteria to multiply, helping to clear this problem up as quickly as possible.

8) Apricots to help with indigestion.

The fiber and potassium in apricots can aid in digestion, preventing heartburn and other stomach problems. It will also make you feel less uncomfortable after a large meal.

9) Duct tape to cure warts.

If you have a wart, duct tape will actually clear it up. Just put a piece of tape over your wart and the wart will be suffocated. It should only take a couple of days for it to go away.

10) Potatoes to help with bug bites.

If you’ve been bitten by a bug, just rub a raw potato on it. Potatoes possess anti-inflammatory properties, which can prevent a big bite from itching. It also keeps your skin hydrated, which can prevent itching due to dry skin.

11) Licorice and petroleum jelly to heal corns.

Licorice actually contains ingredients that work like estrogen in the body. This can get rid of corns on your feet. Just mash up some licorice with petroleum jelly and rub on the problem area.