Has your dog seemed down in the dumps lately, seemingly in need of a little pick-me-up? Do you just want to spoil your furbaby every now and then? Whatever the reason for treating your fuzzy friend, these fun gadgets will get your pooch’s tail wagging without fail.

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1. KONG Stuff-A-Ball Dog Toy

Review: “My dogs love this. They are busy working on all the crevices for a long time. I have two dogs with megaesophagus and need them to be in their Bailey chairs after meals for some time. This is a tool that helps keep them occupied for a while. I put 100% natural peanut butter in and they go to work. ” – Humble Bee via Amazon

This comes in four sizes starting at $7 for the small, while the extra large size will run you $21. You can also pick up the classic KONG ball here for only $5.

2. iFetch Interactive Ball Launcher for Dogs

Review: “The machine makes an almost-inaudible (to humans) high pitched tone just before the ball launches so the dog can anticipate the launch. He gets very excited when he hears the tone. There are three launch settings depending on how far you want the ball to go. It works well both indoors and outdoors.” – EvanstonIrish via Amazon

Get it here starting at $115.

3. Star Wars Costumes

Review: “This year, in honor of Rogue One, we selected a Star Wars theme. This was for our PitBull Mix. He is 50 lbs with a barrel chest so it was a tight squeeze. It was hysterical though to see him trotting downstairs followed by our [Storm] Trooper 5 yr old. He has since eaten off the arms but I think I can put them back on. The hat never happened.” – HannabertandtheHorn via Amazon

Get it here starting from $12.

4. The Dog-Activated Outdoor Fountain

Review: “I run a dog daycare and multiple dogs drink. Now it is always fresh as it dispenses into a bowl which is always full so it flushes out any debris from each dog. Some drink from bowl some like to lap up water stream. Noted at dusk/night it will not work outside.” – Puptown LLC via Hammacher

Pick one up for $50.

5. Pawbo Life Wi-Fi Pet Camera

Review: “Works very well. I can see my dog and my cat through my phone, what is even better is that this thing has two-way speaker, so I can hear them! The only thing might be needed to improve, is that the monitor can’t turn, it is fixed to a certain angle, so the range is limited. Besides this, everything is great!” – Eve J via Amazon.

You can get it here for only $179.

6. Whistle 3 GPS Pet Tracker & Activity Monitor

Review: “I initially gave this product a very negative review. I was testing it out in my condo and it often times couldn’t find the device or take a very long time. It turns out that my bottom floor brick condo is very close to being a dead zone when it comes to data and cellular reception. I get a signal on my phone but it is very weak. When using the device in more typical situations it performed exceptionally.I’d like to add that when there are a lot of competing products one of the things that separate one from the others is the customer service. The customer support I received from Whistle was far and beyond what I’m used to.” – Tim via Amazon

Get it here for $80.

7. Dog Umbrella With Leash

Review: “This is an awesome idea! And it works great for those little furbabies that refuse to potty when it is raining outside. My dog was a little scared of it at first as it hovered over her but soon got the idea and was walking like a pro. It keeps my baby dry up on top so I just have to dry her lil belly and feet. The only bad thing is, is you can’t hold an umbrella over yourself and the pet umbrella over your dog at the same time really. Especially, if it is windy. So I just get bundled up with a hat and coat and we go on our way.” – Kari via Amazon

Pick it here for only $15.

*Reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.