Everyone hopes their crush likes them back. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to tell how your object of affection feels, even after a few dates. Short of flat-out asking, there are a few actions you can look for to see if they’re really into you.

1. Keep Your Eye On the Cheeks

Blushing can be an embarrassing reaction, but don’t try to hide your face just yet. Scientists believe blushing is a way our bodies show an adrenaline rush from a “fight or flight” reaction. While many different situations can trigger this adrenaline release, one that always seems to work is talking to your crush.

Studies have shown that people who blush frequently seem more empathetic and trustworthy. These people also appear more healthy and therefore attractive to potential partners. Therefore, if your crush goes red the next time they talk to you, chances are you give them a rush, and they like it.

2. Watch the Feet

Did you know you can tell if someone is interested in you from their feet? Feet can give away a lot of secrets. People show their anxiety or confidence through their feet. If someone is particularly fidgety, chances are they’re feeling uncomfortable, whereas someone who exhibits little or no extraneous motions feels confident in their surroundings.

The way your date positions their body and feet means a lot. It’s always a good sign when people lean in or tilt their head while listening to someone talk. You also want to look and see which way your date’s feet point. If they point at you, it’s a great sign that your date is interested.

3. Pay Attention to the Conversation

It takes time for a person to feel comfortable enough to share their thoughts and feelings with a new potential partner. Presenting vulnerabilities is stressful, but it leads to stronger emotional bonds.

When someone opens up to you, they’re actively trying to make a meaningful connection. Building an honest and open rapport doesn’t happen randomly—it stems from mutual trust and understanding. These shared moments are therapeutic, and they are a clear sign that your special someone cares about you and wants to share parts of their life with you.

4. Use the Mystery of “Mirroring”

Mirroring body language tends to indicate a strong bond between two people. If you notice your date mimicking your posture or hand gestures, that’s a sign that things are going well. Your partner subconsciously shows their interest in you by adopting some of your mannerisms.

There are mirror neurons in our brains that activate when we observe someone performing an action. Scientists believe these neurons are the basis of empathy, allowing us to mimic others to create a sense of connection.

5. Making Time for Each Other

There’s no better way to prove your affection than by making time for a person, but while it’s easy to spend all of your time with a new partner, finding a balance is equally important. Stepping back and giving each other space is difficult to do during the honeymoon phase, but will help prevent the spark from burning out too quickly.

You can also measure a romantic interest’s intentions by the effort they put into the relationship. If you’re the only one reaching out to plan dates or asking how their day was, chances are the other person isn’t vibing with you. It’s also important to spend quality time with a partner, not just counting the minutes you’re near one another.