The world is covered with strange wonders. Some of them would be amazing to visit and easily worth the money paid for a flight there. Take, for example, a place where your car moves uphill in neutral. Super cool, right?

Other places, though, are better left alone. Read this list and decide for yourself which you’d want to visit. 

1) The Stone Forest

This “forest” appeared in China more than 200 million years ago. Thick layers of limestone in the sea formed huge stones and tectonic movements caused them to surface. 

The most amazing part is underground in Qifeng Cave. From August to November the underground river makes a vortex every 30 minutes that lasts for just a few minutes then dissipates. 

2) Blood Falls

In Antarctica there exists a waterfall that bleeds red—seriously. Not only is it oozing the color of blood, but it never freezes, not even at –10 degrees Celsius. It’s considered one of the coldest glaciers with liquid flowing water.

Researchers at Harvard University discovered that the strange color and lack of freezing point is related to the microbes that inhabit the glacier. 

3) Castle Frangokastello

On the Greek island of Crete there’s a time mirage that’s the only one known of in the world. What’s a time mirage? Well apparently every year around the end of May there’s the same mirage. It’s known to happen early in the morning when the sea is quiet and there’s high humidity in the air. It only lasts about 10 minutes.

The mirage involves the shadows of armed soldiers both on foot and on horse. They’re making their way from the monasteries of Agios Charalambos to the fort of Frangokastello. There is a story that some German forces occupying the land almost went insane with fear when they saw the mirage and began firing at it. 

4) Gravity Hills

This strange phenomenon is found in India. If you park your car at the foot of the hill and put it in neutral, it will start moving uphill. There’s even a sign in the area with instructions for how to do it, along with paint marks noting the spot where you should park your car.

No one knows for sure why this happens, but some think it’s just an illusion caused by a gravity hill. Also known as a magnetic hill or mystery hill, a gravity hill occurs when the surrounding landscape gives the optical illusion that a slight downhill slope is actually an uphill slope. 

5) Czech Catacombs

The mere existence of catacombs is creepy enough, but in these catacombs in the Czech Republic there’s also a legend that you can hear the sounds of an organ playing from them. 

Scientists decided to research this tale in 1996 and found that the underground passage is 30 feet deep and there aren’t any rooms within it that could fit an organ. Psychologists also examined witnesses to make sure they weren’t victims of mass hallucination. 

To add to the weirdness, this passage is also known as the “shining corridor” because at first it looks normal enough, but then it begins to show a reddish orange glow, but there’s no phosphorous in the corridor.