Angry Husband Fills Wife’s Car With Concrete In Revenge Over Name Change

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All couples go through rocky patches where they do or say things they regret. One man from Russia, however, took that to a new level. He was so mad at his wife that he filled the entire thing with concrete.

The problems began when the woman revealed that she had been unfaithful to her husband. Obviously, he was not happy to learn that his wife was sleeping with another man. This, however, was not what set him off.


What set him off was that the woman had recently changed her surname. She changed it to Veniy, which is the name of a local grocery store. The store offed to pay someone about $700 per month if they legally changed their name to name of the store.

Ironically, Veniy means “loyalty” in Russian. This is ironic because the woman clearly isn’t loyal to her husband at all. But he would go on to get the last laugh.

He hired a cement truck to fill the woman’s car with concrete. Passers-by stood in amazement and watched as her car was filled to the brim. We’re sure she won’t be happy when she sees this!


This is just one of many epic revenge stories people have had against their spouses. While the concrete is an extreme story, there are actually some stories that are even worse.

One man in Britain got tired of his cheating wife, so he put her up for sale on eBay. He set the price at a penny and included her phone number as well as the phone number of the man she was cheating with. He started the bidding at a penny, but it eventually got up to half a million British pounds!


Unfortunately, he couldn’t make the sale. Police showed up at his house and warned him of making offensive, illegal posts online. He took the ad down, but not before he made headlines publicly shaming his wife.

eBay is apparently popular among scorn spouses because another British woman used it to sell her husband’s car. The car itself was worth about $38,000, but she sold it for 75 cents. It sold in a matter of minutes and a man came and picked it up before the husband even knew it was for sale.


What’s funny about this story is that the man didn’t actually cheat on his wife; instead, he had simply written online that he would cheat on his wife if given the opportunity. That will be difficult now because he doesn’t have a car to sneak around on his wife.

Another man wanted to get revenge on his wife for trying to find a partner online. He decided to fill up her car, but unlike the Russian man, he didn’t use concrete.


Instead, he backed up a truck full of horse manure and dumped it in her convertible. He actually filmed it and put the video online, where it went viral. Some people speculated that this was just a viral ad campaign, but it was never definitively proven.

Let this be a lesson to you before you cheat — if you have a prized possession, your lover will almost certainly destroy it!

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