This Dog Was Terrified Of Everything After Enduring Neglect. Then She Met This Baby.

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Nora found her fur-ever home eight years ago. The white English Pointer was pregnant when she was taken in by Winnipeg, Manitoba resident Elizabeth Spence and her husband, Mike Aporius.

Fast forward to today and Nora, Spence, and Aporius‘ family has changed quite a bit. In total, there are now three rescue pups, three rescue cats, and three young children in the mix.


When Nora first joined the family, she was still a little skittish from having grown up in a puppy mill.

“Despite having come from an abusive situation,” wrote Spence in an Instagram post, “[Nora’s] sweet and gentle nature shone through and we knew with certainty she would be a wonderful family dog when the time came. She absolutely did not disappoint!”


For more than three years now, Spence has been sharing Instagram photos with the hashtag, #NappingWithNora. These photos generally featured the English Pointer and her human siblings while resting.

Spence has a theory about why Nora has bonded so closely with the children:

“Nora had a litter of puppies a day after she arrived in rescue seven years ago. All of them went on to be adopted by lovely families, thankfully, but I can’t help feel that losing them left a bit of a void in her mama heart. I like to think that with the birth of each of my children that void has lessened a little, particularly with the arrival of Archie. Nora never leaves his side, watching over him constantly (as seen here) as any loving mother would. I’m truly thankful she has him to dote on and, of course, that he has her – the best other mother I could ever hope for him!”


While Archie is the youngest of three children and a slew of pets, he quickly bonded with the whole pack

In fact, he has earned a hashtag of his own, #ArchieTheAnimalWhisperer.

In the past year or so, the adorable pictures of the napping Nora and her baby boy have really taken off across the net. The Candian housewife’s Instagram account has more than 80,000 followers. Those thousands of followers are bombarded with cuteness on a daily basis.


The story gets even sweeter for Nora, though. Not only is she an Instagram celebrity, a rescue puppy success story, and the most loyal friend a family could ask for, but she’s been reunited with one of her pups.

“When Nora was surrendered to a rescue shelter seven years ago,” Spence explains to her Instagram followers, “she was pregnant with a litter of pups. Remington is one of those pups! We had the great fortune to adopt Remington this past January and reintroduce her to her mama when her original adoptive family was no longer able to keep her due to a change in life circumstances. She is as kind, loyal and loving as her mama and we are so happy to have her in our family and to be able to show yet again what amazing animals rescue dogs are!”


If you can’t get enough of #ArchieTheAnimalWhisperer and #NappingWithNora, give Spence a follow on Instagram. If you want to support the pet rescue agency that brought Nora and Remington into Spence’s life, follow Funds for Furry Friends and consider making a contribution to their cause.

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