5 Things Guys Can Do To Instantly Become More Attractive

We all know the first two steps to securing a date are 1. Be attractive and 2. Don’t be unattractive. This sarcastic saying refers to the large advantage that handsome men have over the rest of us and implies that there’s not much to do if you don’t have good looks.

However, there are a lot of small things that anyone can do to boost their attractiveness. Whether you’re starting out as a 5 or an 8, you can jump up the scale by paying attention to the details. Here are five easy ways to instantly get hotter.

1. Wear clothes that fit.

Many men focus on choosing a specific brand, pattern, or design they like. However, if your clothes are baggy or overly tight, it doesn’t matter how fashionable they are; the biggest thing that will make clothes look good on you is finding the proper fit.


For t-shirts, you may have to get specialty sizes like slim or tall to find the perfect fit. For dress shirts, find a store whose shirts have both neck and arm-length sizes. This will allow you to choose one that fits your frame perfectly.

When it comes to suits, going to a tailor is worth the extra cash. It’s better to buy a cheap suit and tailor it to your body than to buy an expensive off-the-rack suit. If you’ve never paid attention to fit, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how much of a difference it makes.

2. Shave your neck.

This goes for the front and the back. If you’ve got a beard, keeping your neck relatively clean-shaven makes a big difference in distinguishing you from a castaway.


Shaving the back of your neck in between haircuts also gives a cleaner look. Neck hair tends to be curly, wispy, and not particularly attractive. Shaving it off once each week keeps it under control and out of sight.

3. Trim Nose and Ear Hairs

Having a conversation with someone while the sun glints off their dark black nose hairs is distracting. To put it mildly, this situation makes women want to see less, not more of you.


As you age, the problem advances to the ears. Luckily, there’s a very easy solution. Use an electric nose hair trimmer or curved facial hair scissors to trim your unsightly hairs about once per week.

4. Smile and listen closely.

If you’re meeting up for a date, the best edge you can give yourself is to be genuinely pleasant and interested in the conversation. Don’t check your texts, and don’t try to impress her because that will likely backfire.


Instead, live in the moment and enjoy getting to know someone who could potentially be your SO. When you really listen to someone, you’ll have infinitely better conversations and get to know them much quicker. The best way to wow someone is through a great connection.

5. Clean your apartment.

We can already hear men grumbling that women shouldn’t be so shallow as to judge men based on their cleanliness. The thing is, a dirty living space is still really gross.


Overflowing trash in the bathroom, dishes in the sink, and dirty socks on the floor lead to bad smells. Showing some semblance of hygiene proves that you’re an adult, and that makes you instantly hotter. 

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