Finding love is no easy task. If you haven’t had any luck finding “The One,” here’s a fun way to rethink who you take out on a date.

These zodiac signs are supposedly the best “husband material.” Before your next date, ask for your beau’s sign and see if it’s on this list.

1. Aquarius

When searching for a partner that will be sweet and sensitive to your needs, an Aquarius man is the one to go for. Aquarius men are all about intellectual stimulation. They need the conversation to flow all the time. You’ve got to have something interesting to say to catch their attention.

Aquarius men are also dedicated non-conformists. They march to the beat of their own drum, expressing themselves through their eccentric wardrobes, hairstyles, or uncommon career choices. They value creativity and seek out partners who have that quality as well.

However, these men can be a little too stubborn and hard to pin down. They tend to shy away from commitment, but give them time to settle in slowly and that won’t be a problem. Aquarius men value independence and tend to fall for people who are comfortable doing their own thing as well.

2. Virgo

Virgos are natural-born leaders who make wonderful, dedicated partners. There’s just something about these lions that draws people to them. They are incredibly charming and sociable, and always seem to find a way to properly mix business with pleasure.

When Virgos love, they love hard. For them, every emotion is turned up to 11. Virgos fall in love easily, and then feel as if each break up will be the end of them. They charge headfirst into love and life, and there’s nothing more exciting than that.

While they may seem too domineering, Virgos do make good partners when matched with the right person. In a relationship, they are generous and will stand up for their loved ones, no matter what.

Virgos are best matched with another person who has similar levels of fire and passion. You can’t be a drag and expect a Virgo to stay interested. They need partners who are strong and independent enough to not get lost in their personal whirlwind.

3. Libra

Honesty is the best policy when it comes to Libras. They are direct with their feelings and aren’t ones to play around. Libras want to find partners who will be as equally supportive, compassionate, and dedicated to the truth as they are.

The search for knowledge is important to this sign. Libras want to discover all they can about whatever they’re interested in at that moment. They are passionate and competitive but do enjoy sharing their hobbies with a partner.

You don’t want to rush a Libra. These people fall in love very slowly, and demanding too much too soon will push them away. Building a strong emotional foundation is too important to them, and they typically don’t share their love until they feel totally safe to do so.