Remember the early days of smartphones when everyone marveled at the ridiculous stuff that their phones could do? These days, it’s hard to recapture that sense of wonder—unless you’re willing to pay a few bucks for one of these awesome accessories.

1. WakaWaka Solar Powered Phone Charger

This might not replace your standard charger, but it’s certainly a fun addition to your smartphone toolkit. It’s made from 100 percent recycled plastic, and the built-in light makes it ideal for camping.

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2. Reserwa Bluetooth Speakers

With a dust-resistant, water-resistant design, this Bluetooth speaker will make your next pool party a little more groovy.

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3. Music Branch Headphone Splitter

Share your music and videos with a few friends at once. Comes with a key ring, so you’ll always be ready to bring the noise.

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4. Super Wide Angle Phone Lens

Bring out your inner professional photographer with this extra wide phone lens. It’s made from high quality aluminum and fits most smartphones.

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5. Popsocket

If your phone leaves your hand hurting, Popsocket is about to change your life. These handy little devices stick firmly to the back of your phone or tablet and allow for a more comfortable grip. They are also work as a stand, and you can choose from dozens of designs to personalize your phone.

Seriously—for $10, you’re not going to find a cooler accessory.

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6. Smart LED Light Bulb

Customize your lighting without additional hardware. Install the light bulb, then connect your phone via the iOS or Android app. You can then use your phone to set timers, set the color and level of light, and even play music via Bluetooth! This bulb has it all.

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7. Portable Power Bank

The Anker Power Bank gives you the fastest possible charge in the shortest amount of time, and this one can charge some phones about seven times. Who needs an outlet? Not you.

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