Most of us have had some long nights that lead to even longer mornings (and, in some cases, afternoons). This is something that happens to people all around the world, leading to some really strange hangover cures.

The next time you have a wild night out, keep these home remedies in mind. They may help you feel like yourself again. At the very least, they should prevent you from throwing up at your desk!


In Poland, they advise drinking pickle juice to ward off a hangover. If you have a big jar of pickles in your fridge, just chug the salty brine and you should start to feel a little bit better. The Poles say the more vinegar you drink, the better.

They claim that the pickle juice helps alleviate headaches and prevents you from feeling nauseous. Some Polish people also drink soured milk to alleviate the hangover. In our minds, the pickle juice sounds much better.


In Japan people eat umeboshi when they are fighting a hangover. These are pickled plums. We have never seen pickled plums in American grocery stores, so this may be one that you have to make yourself.

The people of Japan believe that umeboshi aid in digestion and help with liver function. After a long night filled with many drinks, this sounds like something that could be really helpful. Whether it actually works or not is another story.


In the UK people use milk thistle to prevent hangovers. This cure actually has some medical research to back it up. Studies have shown that milk thistle can actually prevent toxins from damaging the liver. Researchers suggest this is because of the silymarin found in milk thistle.

At the end of your night out, take a milk thistle pill. When you wake up the next morning, take another one. In Great Britain, many people believe this will help you from feeling terrible after having a few too many.


Canadians drink dry ginger ale when they’re having a rough morning. This drink is often used to settle upset stomachs, so it would make sense that it could help with a someone nursing a hangover.

If you’re going to drink this, make sure you’re drinking a ginger ale that contains real ginger. Some researchers suggest that it’s the ginger that can help with a hangover. If all a drink uses is ginger flavoring, it may not help with your hangover.


In America, a bloody mary is the drink of choice when you’re hungover. If you ever wondered why Sunday morning brunches feature this drink, you now have your answer.

Tomatoes are high in lucopene and celery is high in restorative vitamins that may aid with that hangover. Of course, the “hair of the dog” remedy may be the real reason why a bloody mary helps with a hangover.

The next time you’re about to go out for a night of partying, have these hangover remedies ready for you. You may wake up feeling fresh as a daisy and ready for work!