Slightly altering how you approach a problem can make a big difference. Instead of becoming frustrated every time you have to complete a task, you can make it effortless.

All you need is a life hack. While these problem-solving ideas can sometimes verge on the edge of ridiculousness, there are some legitimately helpful ones. Here are our five favorites.

1. Magnetic Strip for Bathroom Tools

Are you tired of digging through a bathroom drawer for the item you’re looking for? Have you ever stabbed your fingers or hands with scissors or tweezers while sifting through a disorganized mess?

A magnetic strip is a great solution to declutter your bathroom drawer. You’ve probably seen these strips used as a knife organizer in kitchens, but they work just as well in bathrooms. You can even line the side of a drawer with one if you don’t want your nose-hair trimmers to be seen by your visitors.

2. Foldable Ironing Board

When space is at a premium, having bulky, one-purpose items like ironing boards can cause storage headaches. But if you have to dress professionally for work, ironing is mandatory.

Luckily, some brilliant inventor came up with a solution to this frustrating problem. A magnetic quilt placed on top of a dryer (or any metallic surface) provides the support for ironing without adding another unwieldy tool to your crowded home or apartment.

You can build your own by gluing magnets to the back of a quilt or you can purchase a pre-made one. When you’re done ironing, simply fold your mat, and store it in a drawer.

3. Muffin Tin Condiment Dispenser

Backyard barbecues are one of the most fun parts of summer, but they can be a pain to clean up. Instead of hauling all of your condiments from the fridge and leaving them in the sun, use a muffin tin to transport sauces and toppings.

This keeps your bottled sauces fresh and reduces the need for multiple dirty dishes. To make clean up even easier, line the tin with foil baking cups before adding the condiments.

4. Cable Management System

Tangled cables can quickly become a severe pain. When you’re trying to get work done, the last thing you want to do is untangle a knot of cords.

Use binder clips to keep chargers and other cords that are frequently unplugged from falling behind your desk or getting tangled in all your other cords. You’ll get more life out of the cords as well because you’ll bend and kink them less. More importantly, you’ll experience much less frustration as you plug and unplug various electronics.

5. Pool Noodle Bumpers

When you’re groggy and headed to work or exhausted on the way home, dinging your car door on the garage wall can put you over the edge. Instead of carefully opening the door and shimmying your way in or out of the car, use this life hack.

Simply cut a pool noodle in half (you can get a cheap one for about $5), and screw it to the wall where your doors are likely to hit. You can even do this to a post or exterior wall. You’ll prevent dents and the stress that goes along with worrying about them.