4 Bartenders Confess What They Wish All Customers Knew

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Going to a bar really isn’t that difficult. You walk up, order your drink, have a few laughs, and go home (with the help of a cab, Uber, or designated driver, of course).


Unfortunately, some customers tend to make things difficult for bartenders. Here are a few things that all barkeeps wish their patrons knew—oh, and also, don’t call them “barkeep.”

1. They see you when you’re waving your money.

According to Reddit user Cavendish_The_Butler, you’re not doing yourself any favors by holding your cash out.

“We see you when you wave your money at us, we just ignore you and serve the person who is standing patiently.”


Bartenders spend their entire nights looking for thirsty customers. They immediately know when you want something, so there’s no reason to start waving your wad of bills around like you’re in Las Vegas.

2. You’re probably paying more for a shot than you’d pay for a drink.

You get the same amount of alcohol as a drink but we’ll charge you extra, because, why not,” says Reddit user cpag0528.


Be sure to check prices before you place an order. If you don’t think to ask whether a vodka tonic costs more or less than a straight shot of vodka, don’t get mad when you get your bill.

3. Bartenders like it when you use common sense.

For one, don’t eat out of the fruit tray, according to Reddit user RaoulZDuke.

“That fruit is meant for drinks, not your grubby fingers.”

You also shouldn’t send a drink back for being “too weak.”


“We have a certain type of clientele that always sends their drinks back for not being strong enough,” says user jtemperance. “This means you get the tiniest drop of alcohol right in the straw. When I bring the drink back their reaction is amazing. It’s always something like ‘wow, that’s a strong drink!'”

Is that ethically justified? We can’t say. Ultimately, if you’re upset about the quality of your drink, stay home and make your own drinks.

4. Oh, and when you get comfortable with a bartender, don’t press it.

“Good for you, you know my name, please stop yelling it out from across the bar as I am serving other guests!” says IT_Bartender. “This includes my best friends, my hugest pet peeve!”

Bartenders have remarkably busy nights. They can’t drop everything they’re doing and run over to help you out, regardless of whether or not you’ve known them for years. Just sit back, be cool, and wait for your turn.


Finally, user Milkusa sums up all of the annoying things that bar-goers do in one glorious comment:

I want two vodka sodas and we are gonna split it on two cards, run the cards because I don’t wanna forget the cards, and charge my phone for me because the other bartender did it last time for me and I come here ALL the time how do you not know me, are you new? Ugh. It’s my friends birthday, can we have some strong but sweet, cheap shots for her? Wait, I have to PAY for them?! This place has changed.

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