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Dexter was a show that broke new ground, with a protagonist who was also a serial killer. Many fans expected Dexter to get his comeuppance in the finale. In the end, he murders his sister and becomes a lumberjack. If that sounds silly to read, it was even sillier to view. Fans were really unhappy with this finale.

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The whole final season of Lost was controversial for fans. Using “flash-sideways” storytelling, we see what have become of the survivors, only to see them eventually reunited. For a show that relied on deft storytelling and some incredibly cliffhangers, this left many fans feeling unsatisfied. In fact, many fans probably still haven’t decided if they liked it or not.

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The Sorpanos

There is perhaps no more controversial ending than The Sopranos. Fans waited with bated breath to see if Tony lived or died, and in the end, they just got a quick cut to black as “Don’t Stop Believing” played. Many speculate that Tony was killed in the diner and the cut to black is his death, but there’s no certain answer.

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Gilmore Girls

This ending tied up most loose ends in a predictable, if convenient, way. But the ending with Logan left fans a bit irked. When he proposes to Rory, she flat out denies him and breaks up with him. It just felt like a cold ending for a sweet (if imperfect) couple.

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer

It was tough to think of a big finish for a character who routinely saved the world. So showrunner Joss Whedon raised the stakes higher than they’d ever been. But many fans felt like some rules were broken (for example, having multiple slayers) that defined the series. Ultimately, most people were satisfied, but some were left unfulfilled.

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The entire final season of Heroes felt disjointed and thrown together. The final scenes saw Claire Bennet (Hayden Panettiere) deciding to reveal the group of “heroes” to the world. And the switch from Zachary Quinto just felt forced. Many fans disliked the finale, and the final season in general.

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The final season of Roseanne features the Conner family winning the lottery. But in the end, we see that they didn’t win. It was all fiction written by Roseanne after Dan died of a heart attack at Darlene and David’s wedding. Many felt this ending was a bit lazy and extremely dour.

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The ending here was controversial because fans felt that it was lazy. In the end, Clark and Lois get married, Clark defeats Darkseid, and that’s pretty much it. It wasn’t bad so much as it was anticlimactic. Fans didn’t even get to see Clark in his full Superman gear.

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By the time this show went off the air, many through this show peaked years ago. The finale’s convoluted plot whipped between time periods inexplicably and repeatedly attempted to cheat death. In the end, many fans found the sweetness cloying and the whole thing to just be too much.

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Two and a Half Men

The ending wasn’t controversial so much as the final shot. In it, we see a character who is obviously supposed to be Charlie Sheen, ringing the doorbell. He’s then crushed by a piano and the creator, Chuck Lorre, looks to the camera and says, “Winning.” Many fans thought this was a bit tasteless.

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How I Met Your Mother

Fans waited nine years to meet Ted’s love, we do only to find out that she died. Ted then runs back his girlfriend in season 1 (the one who wasn’t right for him), Robin. Many fans felt this twist was just lazy and felt cheated after nine years of loyal viewing.

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Sons of Anarchy

Many fans were disappointed by this ending, feeling that the writers had painted themselves into a corner. While most stories were wrapped up, it felt like they couldn’t figure out an ending for the main character, Jax Teller. So they just had him kill himself. Many fans felt the character (and the writers) took the easy way out.

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Ugly Betty

Ugly Betty was groundbreaking in that it had a main character that didn’t look to conform to society’s norms of beauty. This is why it was upsetting for many fans to see her get a makeover in the finale when she moves to London. Many fans felt that it didn’t feel true to her character.


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