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Matt Grant

The Melting Pot: How Beloved Holidays Are Celebrated Differently Across America

From launching cars off a cliff to watching crabs race down Main Street, here are the most unusual holiday traditions from around the country.

Exploring The Murky Waters Of Pirate Lore, International Talk Like A Pirate Day, And Modern Day Piracy

Pirates have earned a hallowed place in popular culture, but just how different is our understanding of actual pirates from the truth?

How To Declutter Your Home Without Throwing Money Away

Plenty of us are decluttering, but are we getting rid of things that might actually be worth something? To find out, we talked to an appraisal expert who's uncovered (and accidentally thrown out) some incredibly valuable items.

The Complicated Issue Of Paying Workers A Living Wage

Why don't companies pay workers a living wage? The answer is more complicated than you might think.

Why You Forgot Everything You Learned In School

Most people forget nearly everything they learn in school. If you've ever asked "why do I need to know this?," here's what you need to know.

There Can Only Be One: “Potato Jesus” And Other Works Of Art That Were Destroyed

Art can take years to complete, but it can be ruined in seconds. We talked to a professional art restorer to find out how a Spanish fresco became "Potato Jesus."

Celebrity Endorsements Gone Wrong: The Age Of The Influencer

Nowadays, anyone with a few thousand social media followers can be paid to promote brands. But sometimes those promotions don’t turn out as expected.

Famous Claims Of Plagiarism In Popular Fiction

From Dan Brown to J.K. Rowling, many famous authors have been accused of stealing work. But do we all plagiarize in some form or another?

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