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Anna Cherry

The “Useless” Liberal Arts Degree And What To Do With It

What is a liberal arts degree? Is it as useless as everyone says? Does any of this even matter since machines are going to take our jobs anyway?

How Instagram Turned Weddings Into A Competition

Taking your wedding photos overseas? Hiring someone to create your wedding hashtag? All par for the Instagrammable wedding course.

Just Another Conspiracy Theory: The Mystery Of The Philadelphia Experiment

Did the U.S. Navy really discover teleportation and invisibility techniques over 70 years ago in a Philadelphia shipyard?

Stock Models Reveal Lessons They Learned The Hard Way

Imagine someone takes your photo and five years later it shows up in an embarrassing ad. Welcome to the reality of stock models.

The United States Of Spanking: Why We Treasure Hitting Children

Research continues to show that spanking is ineffective and harmful to kids' development—why do we keep doing it?

Why’d These Cheaters Cheat? Their Reasons Are Actually Reasonable

Popular knowledge tells us that cheaters are selfish, cowardly, and untrustworthy—but what if they're just normal humans?

5 Sneaky Causes Of Debt That Aren’t Credit Cards Or Student Loans

Think the only way a person could be deep in debt is student loans or credit cards? These overlooked causes of debt may surprise you.

Carnies Reveal Their Lives Not All Fun And Games

Ever wondered what it would be like to work for a traveling carnival? Take a look behind the scenes.

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