You see them all the time. Buy something new and chances are you’ll find a packet of silica gel in the bottle or box. Before you toss that drying agent in the trash, consider these other handy uses it has.

1) Drying Your Cell Phone


Depending on the type of phone you have, getting it wet may completely ruin it. But with a silica packet, you might actually be able to dry your phone out.

Just place your phone in a Ziploc bag with enough silica packets to cover both sides. Seal it up and let it sit for 24 hours. After that time, your phone should be completely free of any water.

2) Keeping Your Gym Bag Smelling Fresh


Gym bags just naturally get funky over time. That smell is actually the result of sweat and moisture building up in the bag. By placing a silica packet in the bag, you can keep that moisture at bay.

This will keep your bag smelling good no matter how often it gets used. (Bonus tip: This also works in smelly gym lockers.)

3) Preventing Important Documents From Getting Damaged

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If you have paperwork that you need to keep (old tax returns, for example), a silica pouch can prevent this paperwork from getting wet and damaged. 

Get a file folder and place a silica packet in with the paperwork. If there’s any water or moisture in that folder, the silica packet will quickly get rid of it. This ensures that your important documents remain safe from harm.

4) Keeping Dry Food Dry


We all have food in our pantry that needs to stay dry. Things like bread crumbs, dried herbs, crackers, and more will get ruined if moisture gets in with the food. A silica packet can completely prevent this. 

Place a silica packet in with the food and it will stay moisture free. You can also place some silica packets in your pantry to keep all your food nice and dry.

5) Protecting Your Pills and Medication


Some bottles pills come with a pellet of desiccant inside to keep down moisture and prevent the pills from deterioriating. Often people toss the pellet as soon as they open the bottle. But they shouldn’t! Once the bottle is open, it’s even more important to keep the drying agent in there, as moisture is more likely to get in the bottle.

On a related note, storing your pills in a bathroom medicine cabinet is actually not a great idea. Bathrooms tend to have an excessive amount of moisture in the air. Better to store them in a cool, dry place in another room.

6) Keeping Stale Drawers Fresh

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Many of us have drawers or closets that are full of seasonal clothing. When these clothes sit unworn for several months, they can begin to smell musty or stale.

With some silica packets thrown in with the clothing, they’ll stay fresh even if they aren’t worn for a while. Instead of having to redo a bunch of laundry for clothes that haven’t been worn in a few months, using a silica packet will ensure that your clothes are ready to wear as soon as the weather changes.

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