The only thing better than finding a great costume for Halloween is finding one for your pet. There’s nothing in the world that’s cuter than a dog or cat in a well-designed, nicely-fitting costume. Here are some of our favorites.

1. Turn your dog or cat into the king of the jungle.

This well-made lion mane allows your pet to switch species in a hurry. It doesn’t even matter if it’s Halloween—this costume is so cute (and fierce), everyone will be cracking up when they see the photos.

This is the best-reviewed lion-mane costume on the market. Tighten the mane and tail piece with an elastic band, and you’re ready to go. This versatile costume even works for humans (though makeup is required to complete the look).

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2. Is your pup secretly a guitar hero?

When you’ve got an adorable face, pretty much every costume looks amazing. Still, a ukelele-playing beach bum makes a memorable outfit for any small dog.

The wig is not included, but you’ll get a part-cotton, part-polyester costume that is as comfortable for dogs as anything else out there. The first-place trophy of any pet costume contest is yours when you get Fido in this hilarious outfit.

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3. Get historical with your furry friend.

If your kitty has the personality of a 17th-century dandy, then this Puss-in-Boots costume is meant for you. With a ruffled collar, feathered cap, and paw cuffs, this is the complete package.

Just don’t blame us if your aristocat starts demanding Fancy Feast in a crystal goblet after tasting the good life. Note: We’re not responsible for scratches or bites suffered while dressing your cat.

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4. When the sun goes down, vampire puppies stir from their sleep.

Turn your pupper into the most adorable Count Dracula ever. This costume comes with a headpiece, a shirt with attached medallion, and a detachable cape.

You can’t go wrong with a classic costume like this awesome vampire ensemble. Fangs are not included or necessary.

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5. Get a costume that’s worthy of your little angel.

Can your Westie do no wrong? Then deck her out in the Holy Hound Dog Vestments she deserves.

Costume includes miter headpiece, red and white robe, and detachable stole. Win any pet costume contest you enter with this one-of-a-kind outfit.

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6. This is the Star Wars costume you are looking for.

There are many amazing Star Wars costumes out there, but some, like the AT-AT and R2-D2, have so-so reviews based on difficulties with their fits. This Jedi robe, on the other hand, has received dozens of very positive reviews.

Whether you’re buying the costume for a photo shoot, Halloween party, or Star Wars marathon, you’ll end up with plenty of unforgettable photos. This costume is officially licensed by Lucasfilm Ltd.

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7. “Dr. Pickles, please report to the OR with three CC’s of catnip, STAT!”

This easy-to-attach doctor costume fits both cats and small dogs. It’s less restrictive than many other costumes, so you have a better chance of getting and keeping it on squirmy pets.

Give your cat the gravitas she deserves. This doctor may have a bad bedside manner, but she looks great in photos.

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8. Take your pet back in time 150 million years with this dinosaur outfit.

Create your own Jurassic Bark by turning your dog into a stegosaurus. Regardless of breed, your pup will feel like a real T. rex with all the attention he’s going to get in this killer costume.

The costume comes with a foam-padded headpiece and bodysuit that connects around the stomach. It’s great for chilly October nights and cracking up your friends.

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9. Sometimes the simplest costumes are the best.

You may not have time to dress up your pet in a full James Bond outfit. Do the next best thing and slip on this elegant bow tie instead.

Keep it simple and cheap with this minimalist “outfit” that turns the most unruly pet into a dapper companion. It’s great for Halloween and other special occasions, and it fits dogs, cats, and even bunnies.

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10. We have the perfect costume for foodies and their pets.

This taco costume attaches around the chest of your pup. Colorful toppings decorate the top of the outfit while your dog serves as the main ingredient.

This simple but adorable costume is designed for cats and small dogs. Spice up your Halloween with a dog or cat taco.

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11. If you’re as proud as a peacock over your dog, we’ve got a great idea.

Let your pup show off as a brilliant blue peacock. Costume includes instructions for cutting ear holes if your pooch is more comfortable with a little extra breathing room.

This peacock costume comes in two pieces. The headpiece has plush details and painted eyes while the bodysuit has an attached fan of printed feathers.

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12. There’s a new sheriff in town.

Look out scoundrels, Wild Bill Hick-cat just rolled into town and he’s cleaning up the streets. This cat sheriff costume comes with a hat and an adorable outfit that attaches around the neck.

You’ll have unforgettable photos once you get your kitty into this getup. You’re guaranteed to love this costume (even if your cat doesn’t).

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13. Give your cat the most iconic hair buns ever seen on the big screen.

Cats don’t always cooperate with being dressed up. Keep it simple and stress-free with this Princess Leia hairpiece.

Warning: your cat might look at you like you’re Jabba the Hutt for dressing it up. However, you’ll have amazing photos that will last a lifetime.

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14. If your dog doesn’t cooperate with dressing up, here’s an idea.

Turn him into a great white shark with a simple fin. The fin attaches around the belly which minimizes discomfort and costume anxiety.

Let your little buddy be the predator he was born to be. The fin is 100 percent polyester and can be washed by hand.

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15. You can never go wrong with pizza.

It turns out that the versatile food even makes a great costume. This slice of pupperoni pizza fits cats and small dogs.

Your pet will think it’s simply wearing a comfy sweater. Your friends will know that you have the best-dressed pet on Halloween.

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16. For the coffee lover, we have this fancy little number.

This puppy latte costume has plenty of frills and ruffles. Turn your pupper into your favorite beverage with this creative costume.

The bodypiece is adorned with an iconic Starbarks label. The headpiece, complete with a straw, tops off the costume for your fancy doggo.

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17. Give your pup a taste of the Wild West with this cowboy costume.

Your Halloween party will become an instant rodeo once you pop this costume on your dog. Watch as the cowboy bounces and jostles when your dog meets and greets partygoers.

The costume is made from breathable polyester fabric and is comfortable for most pups. Take as many photos and videos as you can of this hilarious costume that will only get funnier as the night goes on.

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